Nakagawa Shoko – Flying Humanoid

August 18, 2010

I check SOOPAH SEEKRET MOOSIK SOCIETY and see that this single’s been released, a full week early. However, it turns out that the single actually released on time, and the place I leeched my schedule from was actually a full week late on this. And still no sign of Shiki’s ED. Goddamn it, I don’t want to go and research my own schedule >_>.

Album: Flying Humanoid
Artist/Circle: Nakagawa Shoko
Release Type: Commercial Single
Release Date: 08/18/10

  1. Flying Humanoid
    I really like how this track starts off,  muffled version of the opener of the TV size version. But sadly, after that the song goes back into the original TV size. I say sadly only because this song works a lot better with the animation from the anime. That’s not saying the song is bad, just that…I liked it better with the animation. The full version doesn’t differ from the original that much, but where it does differentiate sounds pretty good. It’s a nice song, and Shoko’s voice is pretty good, but I don’t see it being a song I can keep coming back over and over to again after the initial playthroughs.
  2. Sen no Kotoba to Futari no Himitsu
    A softer, more ballad-ish B track. It’s a nice track, but I think Shoko’s voice is just decent, and how much I like ballads mostly depends on how much I like the singer. It’s not skip-worthy or anything like that, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to hear it.
  3. Kimi ni Meromon feat. 8bit Project -“Munekyun” 8bit version-
    I’m guessing this is an 8bit arrange of one of Shoko’s previous songs? It’s pretty cute in a good way, not trying to beat the listener with how cute it is, but instead coming off as naturally cute. I think 8bit noises contribute a lot to that. Like everything else on this single, it’s a nice track, but once the gimmick of 8bit wears off, I might start skipping it. Not to say it’s bad, I’d just rather hear other songs on my playlist.
  4. Flying Humanoid -Instrumental-

Rating: 3/5 (Overall a pretty decent but average single.)



  1. Hrmm, read that as “SOOPAH SEEKRET MARIO SOCIETY”


    • That would be fun too, no?

      • Then I saw ta picture :V

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