(SamGirls ED1) Faylan – Last vision for last

October 29, 2010

This took forever to come out.

Album: Last vision for last
Artist/Circle: Faylan
Release Type: Commercial anime single
Release Date: 10/27/2009

  1. Last vision for last
    What can I say about this? It’s very fun, very energetic, and very typical for Faylan. And typical of Faylan means it’s still really good. The synth intro is a little weird, but it quickly goes into awesomeguitarandshit.mp3. It’s an incredibly fun song, and Faylan’s engrish in some parts is really fun to listen to. Personally, I think the song would be better if they toned down the synth a little, but it’s not really an issue overall. The brief piano slowdowns provides a nice contrast to the amount of energy this song has, and Faylan’s vocals are just wonderful in those parts.
  2. Shizuka Na Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu
    moreawesomeshreddingguitarsandshit.mp3. This song is a little darker in tone than the A track, and the refrain is a little reminiscent of a chorus with the small amount of chanting in those portions. Faylan’s voice is once again very powerful in this track, and while it would be nice for the amount of energy to be toned down in some parts like in the A track, that little detail does nothing to damper the enjoyability of this song. Faylan is Faylan-tier after all.
  3. Last vision for last (off vocal)
  4. Shizuka Na Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu (off vocal)

Rating: 5/5 (Faylan-tier mang.)


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