(C78) EastNewSound – Felsic Mirage

August 19, 2010

Now I don’t usually listen to techno, but when I do, I listen to EastNewSound. Stay thirsty, my friends…bad Dos Equis impression aside, I delve back into my Comiket stash to pull out this album to review.

Album: Felsic Mirage
Artist/Circle: EastNewSound
Release Type: Touhou arrange album
Release Date: Comiket 78

  1. Titleless Sights
    Starting off this album with a great arrange of Wind God Girl. I like how airy this song feels, as if I was really flying with a wind god (or tengu). I really like the vocalist’s voice, as well as the synthesized flute. One of the best things about EastNewSound is that they don’t make lifeless techno that reuses the same sounds over and over again, but that they mix their techno with instruments not usually heard in techno arranges. And I like their vocalists. Anyways, this song has some nice acapella or however you spell that at the end (La la la laaaa~)
  2. Nothing guilty
    Second track is an arrange of Fate of Sixty Years, and the best part of this song is once again, the vocalist. Did I mention I like the vocalist? I think I did. Vgmdb lists a different vocalist from the first track, but they sound similar enough for me not to notice. It’s your pretty standard techno track otherwise, but I find it to be worth listening to.
  3. 終奏叙情曲 -lycoris-
    CHATAAAAAAAAAAA. I adore Chata’s voice for some reason, so soft-spoken and cute in a good way. Chata fanboyism aside, this is an arrange of Higan retour, but who cares because CHATAAAAA. But, seriously, moving away from Chata for a moment (which is the best part of the song I might add), the backtrack is pretty good, some piano mixed in with that techno, and a pretty nice guitar solo. Did I mention Chata?
  4. 花は幻想の果てに
    This arrange of the Flower Like the Fantasy starts off with some pretty sweet guitar. The voice is pretty decent, I don’t like her as much as the vocalists for the previous tracks, but she gets the job done. I think I harbor a dislike for singers whose voices sound conspicuously cute. Although I wouldn’t really classify this as a cute track, certainly not a step down from the previous tracks, but not a step up either. Anyways, it’s the backtrack that makes the song for me. Dat dere guitar and all.
  5. アクセル・オーバー
    LEDY TO FIGHT. LALA LEDY TO FIGHT. Engrish is fun. This is apparently a remix of Spring Lane, and the engrish is what makes this song for me. The piano in the backtrack is nice too, but LEDY TO FIGHT is what makes this worth listening for me. I do like my engrish after all (when it’s with a nice voice and not like some of Sound Holic’s engrish songs >__>). OVER THE SKY, TO THE GRORIOUS SKY.
  6. 囚-トラワレ-
    Time for some HOTBLOODED MANVOCALS. In a good way. An arrange of Sleeping Terror, the best I can get out of it is HOTBLOODED MANVOCALS. I’m glad I like EastNewSound’s male vocalist. This is the obligatory manvocal song that seems to be present in every EastNewSound album, and it’s about as good as all the other ones.
  7. Etching summary
    An arrange of Oriental Dark Flight, this track seems to be a bit less…interesting than the others. The vocalist is pretty average and the backtrack is pretty standard. So this is your pretty average standard techno track. It’s alright, but I like a lot of the other songs on this album better. The only thing that stands out is the guitar solo in the second half.
  8. Lazy kiss
    A Love Colored Master Spark arrange that sounds a bit more…poppish than the other tracks? The song makes me think of a fabulous sparkling city for some reason. The vocalist is alright, apparently on loan from Conagasuri or something. It’s not the greatest Master Spark arrange I’ve heard, but the pop flair makes this song good for being FABULOUS to. Whatever that means.
  9. Intense
    The track starts and immediately the vocals catch my attention. For some reason I really like that muffled voice effect. In small doses of course. Arrange of Flower of Soul, one of the better tracks in the album. It’s mostly the timing of the vocals and the vocalist’s airy voice that makes this track pretty…dare I say it, intense? /shot
  10. 幽音絶花、繚乱ノ彩
    Iz dat sum moar Chata thar? This arrange of Flower Land is a bit darker than Chata’s other track in this album. But just because Chata has a light voice doesn’t mean she can’t do darker songs. Also…there’s another vocalist in this track named nayuta, but she sounds pretty similar to Chata. I love how the two vocal tracks that blend in with each other, giving this track a bit of a dreamlike feeling.
  11. White Wish
    An arrange of Mystic Oriental Dream, mixing some more piano into that techno, and it has some nice clapping in the end-half, but other than that…it’s another average piece. The vocalist is good but not the type of voice that’s good enough to spend time tracking down her other songs.
  12. Princess coronation
    So how does this album close off? With an arrange of Sylphid Dream. It’s a nice track to close off on, some nice techno and some decent vocals. It’s pleasant to listen to, but probably not a track I’d be hyped to listen to when it pops up in shuffle.

Rating: 8/10 (All the tracks are worth listening to, but there’s only a handful that are worth listening to over and over again.)

Recommended Tracks: Tracks 1, 3, 5, 9, 10

SUDDENLY, A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS. It came bundled with Felsic Mirage, so I felt I might as well give it some review time too.

Album: Alternative Outside 2010 Summer
Artist/Circle: EastNewSound
Release Type: Bonus event album
Release Date: Comiket 78

  1. ENS-Megamix feat.LiLA’cRecords
    The first of three tracks in the bonus album is an 18 minute long mix of EastNewSound’s previous songs. Yep, 18 minutes. It’s great if you need background music or want to rave, since the track remains good throughout. The best part about this mix is that there’s actually transitions between each song and it doesn’t feel like they just mashed together a bunch of their songs to come out with this track (like some other circles…*cough*cough*TAMusic*cough*). Below is the list of tracks featured in this megamix.
    Touhou Seirensen / A Tiny, Tiny Clever Commander
    (My direction – [ENS-0006] Sacred Factor)
    Touhou Fuujinroku / The Primal Scene of Japan The Girl Saw
    (風導星歌、黎明ノ景 – [ENS-0004] Lucent Wish)
    Touhou Koumakyou / Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea
    (「STAY HERE,NOT ALONE」 – [ENS-0001] Lyrical Crimson)
    Touhou Eiyashou / Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon
    (紅 6.0 Records(ver 0.1) – [ENS-0004] Lucent Wish)
    Touhou Fuujinroku / Native Faith
    (Missing Sorrow – [ENS-0004] Lucent Wish)
    Touhou Chireiden / Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye
    (片月下円舞曲 – [ENS-0004] Lucent Wish)
    Touhou Seirensen / At the End of Spring
    (undefined songs – [ENS-0004] Lucent Wish)
    Touhou Koumakyou / Tomboyish Girl in Love
    (蒼月下零度 – [ENS-0006] Sacred Factor)
    Touhou Fuujinroku / Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s Kappa ~ Candid Friend
    (Proof of River – [ENS-0004] Lucent Wish)
    Touhou Kaeidzuka / Flower of Soul ~ Another Dream…
    (intense – [ENS-0009] Felsic Mirage)
  2. 幽音絶花、繚乱ノ彩
    Track 10 from Felsic Mirage, except this one is nayuta’s solo version (so no Chata ;_;). I can’t really tell how this is a solo version…maybe Chata and nayuta’s voices are so similar that they blend in well enough that nobody can tell the difference? Still a nice song.
  3. 終奏叙情詩 -lycoris-
    It’s a um…talking drama track? It has lycoris as the BGM. It starts off pretty cool even though I don’t understand a word she’s saying, but I’m a sucker for creepy drama tracks. And that first part is pretty creepy. I think I like that type of speaking voice too. Lycoris comes in at a good point, not interrupting the atmosphere and instead adding to it. From my incredibly limited understanding of Japanese and by inferring through the tones of voice and sound effects, I’m guessing this track is about some human family or something that was brutally murdered or something, and one of them ended up on the River Styx with Komachi. Komachi cheers the girl up and sends her on to the afterlife…or Gensokyo…or something…I don’t really know. It was interesting for a non-Japanese speaker like me in the beginning, but I lost some interest when Komachi started speaking about halfway through. Maybe if I understood Japanese I’d appreciate this track better.

Rating: 5/5 (The Megamix is a great addition to my playlist, the nayuta solo is nice to listen to although Ican’t tell the difference between it and the original, and the drama track is pretty interesting most of the time.)

Download (Includes Felsic Mirage and Alternative Outside 2010 Summer)


  1. I wanna listen to that megamix, it looks awesome… but the dl link is gone… can you post it again? ^^

    • Fixed it, thanks for notifying me about the broken link.

  2. I love this album, thanks for the information & share…

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