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Akiko Shikata – Ar tonelico III Image CD Utau Oka ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~

October 7, 2010

I apologize for my long bout of inactivity. It’s that time between seasons when anime singles (which are by far the quickest and easiest material to review) aren’t coming out anymore, and I’m too busy/lazy to review a full-length album. There really just hasn’t been anything too interesting that’s been coming out lately, and school has been eating up a lot of my time. However, I’m about to rectify that (the interesting part, not the school part sadly).

Taking up the metaphorical pen once more to review this sex in the form of music, I am about review Akiko Shikata’s newest work. This album ties into the Ar Tonelico series and expands on the mythos of Ar Ciel by relating the legends of the planet through both Hymmnos and Japanese vocals, with each song telling a story to expand the universe of Ar Tonelico. However, I can’t understand either of those languages, so I’ll just have to settle for pure ear-sex in the form of Shikata’s voice. Quite possibly the last Ar Tonelico work Shikata will work on (with the series being over and all), here’s to hoping that she goes out with a bang (either that or continuing making Ar Tonelico songs regardless of the series being over). Read the rest of this entry ?


(HotD ED1-12) Kurosaki Maon – H.O.T.D.

September 24, 2010

Blame school for my long bouts of inactivity.

Instead of doing Shoujo Byou like I said I’d do, I’m doing this album instead since it’s more likely to get me more hits. Call me shallow if you want, but my inactivity has made my hit counter slowly drop down. ;_; Read the rest of this entry ?


Innocent Key – Haitoku Shimai ~ Aka ni Somaru Katatsubasa -affection-

August 29, 2010

Hit the jump for the actual album art since the cover is kind of NSFW.

This is the greatest album Innocent Key’s ever came out with, because they dropped all their cutesy comedy pop stuff in favor of telling an extremely dramatic and well voiced story with well-made orchestral compositions to accompany it. Only thing is…I can never play this entire album out loud in a place with people? Why? Because of loli yuri incest hentai drama. Yeeeaaahhhhh. I swear, I only got this album for the music, honest!

Because this album has three drama tracks, I’m going to try something different and tell the story of what’s going on in those tracks with my extremely limited understanding of Japanese along with the usual music review. Most of what I write is me guessing what’s going on and piecing it together with the very few Japanese words I’m familiar with. So if you’re ready for incestuous loli yuri hentai drama, hit the jump to read the review. Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) pre-holder – Millenary for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru

August 28, 2010

Yet another Seakitty album from Comiket 78. This one is by pre-holder, who, in case you didn’t know, is responsible for the atmospheric tracks of Umineko. Also, what does millenary mean? Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) グラサンねこ – When they sing vol.3

August 27, 2010

Aside from the horrendous cover art that can give Ryukishi a run for his money, this is the best entry in the “When they sing” series to date. Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) 猫招き歌劇団 – Re:Hymn

August 26, 2010

Astonishingly enough, I actually have time to do this. Thank you for this opportunity Bernkastel.

As of this post, all the Umineko albums from C78 have been released, and I’ll probably slowly make my way through them for the next couple posts. So until I get through all of them, this place will be full of seacats (not including Shiki’s OP which should be out next week). Read the rest of this entry ?


AniPix – Rectia

August 22, 2010

The best Touhou musics are the ones that don’t really sound like Touhou music. Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) TAMusic – SPECTRUM

August 20, 2010

The cover is one of the few things good about this album. This serves to be a lesson in false advertising. Seriously…what happened TAM? Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) EastNewSound – Felsic Mirage

August 19, 2010

Now I don’t usually listen to techno, but when I do, I listen to EastNewSound. Stay thirsty, my friends…bad Dos Equis impression aside, I delve back into my Comiket stash to pull out this album to review. Read the rest of this entry ?


Haruka Shimotsuki – Hikari no Amaoto

August 17, 2010

A random Haruka Shimotsuki album popped up on soopah seekret moosik society that I really needed to lurk moar on so I thought “Hey, why not do a review?” So…here I am. Read the rest of this entry ?