About the blog:

drizzly rain. In all lowercase. That is the name of this blog you find yourself reading the information page for. It was originally created back in mid-2009 for the sole purpose of…not really having a purpose, and gave the creator of this blog, muffiekun, a place he can rant about things nobody but him cares about. At first it was meant to be an anime blog, but screencapping was too much effort, so drizzly rain became a place for muffiekun to blog about manga he’s been reading and whatever else happened to be on his mind at the time. Frankly, this lack of direction led to muffiekun abandoning this blog until he suddenly gained inspiration to write again by lurking the blog Loli Salad and saw how little effort he could put into writing music reviews. That’s not to say he will put little to no effort in, of course. Now, drizzly rain is aspiring to be a review site for anime openings and endings, doujin albums, and whatever other .mp3 files muffiekun can leech off of. How long will this blog last with such a lazy author behind the posts? Who knows, but he will try to keep it going as long as he can (read as: until he gets tired of it).

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