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Remember11 Translation Patch + Umineko EP8 News

October 12, 2010

No picture because too lazy to find a good picture of Remember11. And I haven’t read it yet so picture hunting might lead to spoilers or something.

Remember11 is an entry in the Infinity series, which includes other VN titles such as Ever17, Never7, and 12Riven and is produced by KID. Weird titles I know. None of the other titles have been translated other than Ever17, which received an official translation by Hirameki studios, which I now believe is defunct. Ever17 was a wonderful visual novel which gave me one of the hugest mindscrews I have ever received from any medium of entertainment, and that’s with me figuring out a good chunk of the plot before the ending. I’m hoping that Remember11 will give me a similar experience, although I hear that Remember11 has a crap ending while everything else is amazing. We’ll see.

Translation patch can be found on TLWiki.

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Umineko Alchemist Port Scheduled for December 16

September 14, 2010

CGs are always nice.

So it turns out that Alchemist isn’t making an H-game for Umineko. Shame, I’d love to see Erika…nevermind. Anyways, the port is scheduled for release December 16, 2010 for the Playstation 3, and it looks like EP1-4 will be ported. Yep. But PS3 makes it harder to backport things to patch the PC version ;_;.

About the sprites themselves, they’re very shiny and better drawn than lolRyukishi art, but the facial expressions aren’t as good as Ryukishi’s in my opinion.


Alchemist showing off the new OP (which is pretty damn sexy imo even though it’s not Shikata) and talking about it or something.

The game is called: Umineko no Naku Koro ni -The Ronde of the Witch and Reasoning-

All BGM will be left intact with 1980×1080 native resolution.

And apparently those Alchemist portraits are actually for an unrelated erogame called Gal Gun where you shoot girls with something and they make erotic noises or something.  Oh wow my hentai joke was right on the mark. …does it have Erika?

Anyways, hit the jump for more screens.

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Alchemist’s Umineko Character Hentai Project

September 8, 2010

See for yourself.

Apparently instead of a portrait Alchemist put up reactions from people who were allowed to peak at their new project before they revealed it at Tokyo Game Show or something. From my limited understanding of Japanese, I’m going to infer that the censored words are them talking about p*****s, p*********n, and v*****s. Or maybe they’re just censoring names and stuff to not give away exactly what their project is. But c’mon, it’s obviously an H-game, so they’re obviously going to turn Umineko into a dating-sim. There’s certainly enough girls to make routes for anyways. And Battler’s the perfect protagonist for an H-game. Ihihihi.



Alchemist’s Umineko Character Redesign 2

September 1, 2010

This brings a whole new meaning to “<All Siestas!, code red>! <Rock ‘n’ Roll>!!” I guess Alchemist wanted to make the Siestas into actual rockers and rollers. I have no idea why, but that’s the way they want to do things.

In terms of the character redesign, the new Siesta isn’t that drastic of a change from the original design like Ange, Jessica, Bernkastel(?), and Lambdadelta(?) was. The only real gripe I have with the new design is that Siesta 45 (that is 45, right >__>) looks a bit too manly there, even with the pink heart-shaped guitar. I know that the Siestas are the Royal Snipers for Heaven or something like that and that kind of position means that you’d have to look somewhat threatening, but I think Alchemist missed the part where they were bunny girls. Unless Siesta 45’s a trap, which wouldn’t really be too surprising in light of EP7 spoilers.


(C78) pre-holder – Millenary for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru

August 28, 2010

Yet another Seakitty album from Comiket 78. This one is by pre-holder, who, in case you didn’t know, is responsible for the atmospheric tracks of Umineko. Also, what does millenary mean? Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) グラサンねこ – When they sing vol.3

August 27, 2010

Aside from the horrendous cover art that can give Ryukishi a run for his money, this is the best entry in the “When they sing” series to date. Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) 猫招き歌劇団 – Re:Hymn

August 26, 2010

Astonishingly enough, I actually have time to do this. Thank you for this opportunity Bernkastel.

As of this post, all the Umineko albums from C78 have been released, and I’ll probably slowly make my way through them for the next couple posts. So until I get through all of them, this place will be full of seacats (not including Shiki’s OP which should be out next week). Read the rest of this entry ?