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Innocent Key – Haitoku Shimai ~ Aka ni Somaru Katatsubasa -affection-

August 29, 2010

Hit the jump for the actual album art since the cover is kind of NSFW.

This is the greatest album Innocent Key’s ever came out with, because they dropped all their cutesy comedy pop stuff in favor of telling an extremely dramatic and well voiced story with well-made orchestral compositions to accompany it. Only thing is…I can never play this entire album out loud in a place with people? Why? Because of loli yuri incest hentai drama. Yeeeaaahhhhh. I swear, I only got this album for the music, honest!

Because this album has three drama tracks, I’m going to try something different and tell the story of what’s going on in those tracks with my extremely limited understanding of Japanese along with the usual music review. Most of what I write is me guessing what’s going on and piecing it together with the very few Japanese words I’m familiar with. So if you’re ready for incestuous loli yuri hentai drama, hit the jump to read the review. Read the rest of this entry ?


(C78) Innocent Key – 東方イノセントキーの本気(ガチ)

August 17, 2010

Lack of higher res album covers makes muffie a sad person. Oh well, can’t be helped. Starting off the Comiket 78 reviews with an Innocent Key album. While Innocent Key usually spends time making decent enough HEY LOOK THIS IS CUTE YOU LIKE IT YES? albums, every once in a while they come out with something serious. How good are their serious albums? Well…pretty good imo. Read the rest of this entry ?