Remember11 Translation Patch + Umineko EP8 News

October 12, 2010

No picture because too lazy to find a good picture of Remember11. And I haven’t read it yet so picture hunting might lead to spoilers or something.

Remember11 is an entry in the Infinity series, which includes other VN titles such as Ever17, Never7, and 12Riven and is produced by KID. Weird titles I know. None of the other titles have been translated other than Ever17, which received an official translation by Hirameki studios, which I now believe is defunct. Ever17 was a wonderful visual novel which gave me one of the hugest mindscrews I have ever received from any medium of entertainment, and that’s with me figuring out a good chunk of the plot before the ending. I’m hoping that Remember11 will give me a similar experience, although I hear that Remember11 has a crap ending while everything else is amazing. We’ll see.

Translation patch can be found on TLWiki.

Hit the jump for the news about Umineko.

Apparently Ryukishi announced something some may find ridiculous at a live concert the other day. Here’s the interview translated by Captain Panda, one of the editors of the Witch Hunt who is usually found on GameFAQ’s Other Titles board. No spoilers past Episode 6.

I don’t intend for this to be the end of the story.
Episode six was the end of Battler and Beato’s tale.
Episode seven was the end of (spoilers omitted)
Episode eight is…

It might not be that it’s over when the writing is done.
Is it okay to say this? I might worry you.
Before, BT-san used to say things like this. If it were him, would he really say it? It might have a different meaning in that case. (TL note: Bit unsure here)

Episode eight has (a) choice(s)
You become a character and make choices from his point of view.
There’s also (a) bad end(s)
The choice(s) are pretty tough.
Seeing the murder for the first time, you might not be able to understand at first.

(Japanese lacks singular/plural, so how many choices is kind of vague here)

Choices? In my Umineko? What kind of witchcraftery is this?

Source (if you can read Japanese).


  1. I don’t mind choices as long they actually have some real influence in tha story~

    • The choice will be between:

      • You forgot:



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