(Occult Academy) V.A. – Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Vol.1 Tokuten CD – LOVE Machine

September 26, 2010

Tokeuten means “score” according to Google. Score? OST? Character Album? What? ? ?

This was posted on Shinnoden! and I thought, “Why not?” To be honest, it was totally worth it.

Album: Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Vol.1 Tokuten CD –  LOVE Machine
Artist/Circle: Hikasa Youko, Koyasu Takehito & Takahashi Hiroki
Release Type: DVD/Blu-Ray extra
Release Date: 09/22/2010

  1. LOVE Machine
    This song makes it totally worth it just because it’s Maya singing ridiculous pop. Sung by Maya’s VA, Hikasa Youko, who also voices Mio of K-ON! fame, this engrish filled pop song is so lulz when compared to the character who’s supposed to be singing it. It’s like, the complete opposite of Maya’s character. But I guess we can blame pop idol Maya on the occult. This is a really fun track, with a great BGM and lulzy background vocals. While this song amuses me a lot just for its sheer comedic value, I still consider it a very solid song. It’s the type of pop that makes you want to get up and make a fool out of yourself by dancing. The BGM is certainly weird enough to be associated with the occult, and Maya’s ridiculous lyrics are awesome. Hikasa is also a very good singer in my book, and I love her songs from K-ON!, so this song just reminds me how good an artist she is.
  2. Piano Sonata Dai 21-Ban
    Remember that one piano ditty that plays during the previews? This is that ditty. Only 100+ times longer. This sonata clocks in at exactly 24 minutes of classical piano and nothing but. Personally, I love classical music, so this long piece is, to be quite literal, music to my ears. For some reason, I’m doubting that Occult Academy’s BGM crew composed themselves, and that this was originally composed by some old dead guy, however, Google is telling me nothing about who said dead old guy is. If anyone knows who the original composer is, I’d like to know so tell me in the comments below. If it really is composed by the BGM crew, then props and respect to them for creating this delightfully long  piano track. It’s a pretty fast paced piano track, so if there’s a pianist who wants to tackle this song, they’d have to have a good amount of skill in order to pull it off. About 10-11 minutes in, it slows down considerably and has a tonal shift from the first half, then picks up the pace again around the 14 minute mark, and keeps that tone and pace until the end of the sonata.
  3. JK ~Smile no Waku Waku Occult Land~
    A drama track that clocks in about a whopping 30 minutes. I don’t understand Japanese, so the best I can do is listen to the funny way JK and Smile are speaking. Maya’s random introduction of “WAAAAH” and subsequent laughter is…out of character. THE OCCULT HAS STRICKEN AGAIN! Maybe it’s the VAs talking about their roles or something. Maya’s “WAAAAH”s are cute though. Again, I don’t know Japanese so the enjoyability of this track is lost on me.

Rating: 5/5 (The first track is really fun to listen to, and the piano sonata is just delightful MOTHERF**KING BEETHOVEN.)



  1. The piano was Waldstein Sonata, composed by Beethoven.

    Hey, I have a rendition of myself playing it; I’ll post a link to it after it’s done uploading (goddammit so loooooooooooong)

    • Cool, thanks for the info.

      I’d like to see your rendition. It’s such a nice song~

      • Ah, here it is.


        It’s horribly bad, as I only started learning it 2 weeks ago (after I realized that was what the Sonata was in Occult Academy after hearing my brother play it :V), so it really makes the Sonata sound horrible. At least you heard the original so the Sonata itself won’t seem as horrible to you :V

  2. LOVE Machine is originally a song done by J-POP sensation Morning Musume. Don’t take that song seriously as a Character Song. I think it’s just a fun thing for people to listen to. If you hear the lyrics correctly, you’ll be able to catch the mention of the band name. And the LOVE Machine PV specifically for the Occult Academy special also include the dance which was a homage to the original Morning Musume dance.

    Yep, discovered it just a few hours ago.

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