(HotD ED1-12) Kurosaki Maon – H.O.T.D.

September 24, 2010

Blame school for my long bouts of inactivity.

Instead of doing Shoujo Byou like I said I’d do, I’m doing this album instead since it’s more likely to get me more hits. Call me shallow if you want, but my inactivity has made my hit counter slowly drop down. ;_;

Album: H.O.T.D.
Artist/Circle: Kurosaki Maon
Release Type: Commercial anime album
Release Date: 09/22/2010

  1. Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda hi
    Starting off with a bang, this song goes straight into the main chorus without much of an intro at all. Normally, songs have lead ups to the main portion, sort of how a book has a beginning middle and end, but this song really only has a middle, middle, and middle since it just sort of dies off. Now if this song didn’t kick so much ass, I’d write it off and deem it skippable. However, the melody is incredibly fitting for the episode it was played in, and the repetitive melody really drills in the sense of melancholy that this song is supposed to give you. The repetitiveness along with the length of the notes is a good thing in my unprofessional opinion.
  2. color me dark
    A slower more balladish song. Kurosaki’s voice is more subdued in this song, whereas in the first track she was more emotional. The tone of the song is again, fitting for a zombie apocalypse, and the gentle melody makes this a nice closer. And as a song by itself, it’s pretty nice to listen to for those of you who like slower songs like this. Kurosaki’s voice ventures into a slightly higher range than her usual, but it’s still not really that great of a voice range.
  3. Return to Destiny
    A song that’s still at the same pace as the previous song, yet this one is more of a rock track, making it seem as if it’s a faster song. It’s a pretty cool rock track, I can kind of headbang to this, so yeah. There’s not really much to say, since it’s your pretty standard rock. It kicks ass, but it’s still feels kind of standard. I guess this is a case of amazing normal?
  4. cold bullet blues
    Now this is a rock ballad. It starts off with a nice piano melody that blends into the rock in the rest of the song. Having Kurosaki start singing after a decent length instrumental intro is a nice touch, and the timing of her lyrics catch the attention well. The fact that it seems to place a bit more emphasis on the instrumental parts instead of Kurosaki, while still having the spotlight on her really contributes to the emotion of this song. Even though the episode it played in sucked (recap only four episodes in?) I remember that I really liked the ED song. And I still do. I can wave candles to this. Or lit cell phones, since that seems to be a reasonable substitute. It’s a really great song, and I wouldn’t mind having this on loop for a while.
  5. Memories of days gone by
    AND SUDDENLY. POP. EVERYWHERE. I remember going “lolwat” when this song played in the anime, and I’m still going “lolwat” now. As far as pop goes, this is pretty well made, as in not look-at-me-aren’t-I-kawaii-desu-desu pop. It reminds me of something that plays in DJ Max, in a good way. The sudden tonal shift in transition to this track is a little jarring, and I would definitely never relate this song to a zombie apocalypse even if I was high, but by itself this song is pretty cool as far as pop goes. And it help breaks the slight tediousness of all the rock tracks that previously played.
  6. Under The Honey Shine
    Now we get a pop ballad. In a way, this tonal shift in music also correlates with the tonal shift of the actual series too, since in the anime the first few episodes had all the makings of a proper zombie apocalypse, and then by the fifth episode all the tension slips away and HotD pretty much becomes a shounen with zombies, and all tension slipped away. But anyways, that’s not why I’m here. It’s a pretty good ballad, and it’s nice to see that she can do pop and not just rock. I still prefer her rock though, since I still can’t see this song fitting in with zombies in any shape or form. Unless it’s a zombie slice-of-life. I’d actually like to see something like that.
  7. fuss fuzz
    Awwwwyea back to rock. The transition from pop back to rock isn’t that jarring, since this rock has kind of the same tone as the pop songs before, in the way that I wouldn’t normally correlate these songs with zombies. However, with this song, I can see it set to some over-the-top zombie slaying action or something. Which…kind of what it was set to. Anyways, this is an incredibly rocking track, and I’d definitely headbang listen to this over and over again. Kurosaki can make hot-blooded rock songs, subdued melancholy songs, and lolwat pop songs, so she has a pretty good range. He vocal range is still the same though, hitting that same set of notes over and over again. In a good way. >____>
  8. The place of hope
    And now we go back into zombie apocalypse music. This track is more upbeat than the first set of songs, not to mention this one has gratuitousengrish to go with it half the time. TAAAKKE ME HIGGHHH, UP INTO THE SKYYYYY, WHAT DO YOU WANT, WHAT DO YOU SEE? But it’s still pretty cool and fun to listen too. The engrish actually makes this stand out for me, since I’m a fan of it. And I’m pretty sure this song is likable enough without a taste for engrish.
  9. Houseki no Spy
    Wait, this was for a zombie anime? Apparently the last track was a fluke, since we’re back to pop. Well…as far as pop goes, this is another good track. It’s fun to listen to, and again, I would never correlate this to a zombie apocalypse, but it’s Japan so I guess I should’ve expected all these pop songs.
  10. THE last pain
    Okay…back to zombies. Alright then. For varieties sake, I guess it would be boring if this was an album full of grimdark HEY LOOK ZOMBIES songs, so mixing it up with some pop isn’t really that bad of a choice, especially since the pop was pretty good as far as pop goes. This is another melancholy song, with Kurosaki’s voice being the forefront of the emotions. I really don’t know what that means, but it sounded good so I’m going to roll with it. The end part of the song is pretty cool, since I actually have an idea as to what the lyrics are saying, but that doesn’t really apply to the general population so eh.
  11. Hollow Men
    Another dark zombie song, only this time this song is completely sung in engrish! Strange lyrics aside, this is a really cool song, and plays up its dark atmosphere really well. It starts off kind of subdued but when it gets to the main song is suddenly picks up and becomes more fast-paced. The melody is really cool, and I’d say that the song reflected the hollowness of humanity after the zombie apocalypse, but I somehow doubt the writers would put that much thought into it.
  12. The Eternal Song
    I don’t really think this is a proper song to end off a zombie series with. But I guess the upbeatness of this song matches up with the cast pretty much being “ZOMBIES, WHAT A PAIN” at the end of the series. While it’s still a rock track, it’s still incredibly upbeat, like it’s saying “HAVE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.” After a zombie apocalypse. Where essentially there is no future. Yeah, good luck with that. In terms of music, this is a good track, and it’s on par with everything else on this album.

Rating: 8/10 (While I did spend a lot of time praising the songs, all of them are pretty much on the same level with the exception of one or two songs. It’s a great album, but it’s a bit bland and not amazing enough to get into my highest-tier of 9 and 10.)

Recommended Tracks: Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda hi (track 1), fuss fuzz (track 7), Hollow Men (track 11)


Maybe my next review won’t take forever to come out.  Junior year is a bitch ladies and gentlemen.

One comment

  1. I actually found this post as you posted a download link (the main reason for visiting) as this album is something I have listened to a lot since the airing of the show. However I lost it (probably deleted in a pc restore) for an agonisingly long time with no avail to finding it online. However at 4:30am I happened to think back and try again, some how I found this blog (with a working download link you beautiful person! :D)

    Out of respect I went back through and read all of yours comments. I can’t help be biased as this album means a lot to me (odd to say that of an ED Album from none other than H.O.T.D, but it’s my thing) I agree with most of your comments and the ‘blandness’ is something I can’t personally find, but then again I’ve never really been known for my analytical side.

    Most of all I wanted to mention you picked up on something I also picked up on about #11 Hollow Men, and that is your comment about the ‘hollowness of humanity’. I felt exactly the same and thought it was very well conveyed and executed especially for an anime such as H.O.T.D. I do think it was more of a happy coincidence but it’s something we’re taught in school, at least I was, and that is to over analyse the work of others to understand a deeper meaning (if any, more than often not)

    This was more of an unexpected ramble but my main points are, thank you for the download link and it was a great analysis and I will follow your blog as i also have a great love for anisong and would like to hear some experienced opinions :)

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