Umineko Alchemist Port Scheduled for December 16

September 14, 2010

CGs are always nice.

So it turns out that Alchemist isn’t making an H-game for Umineko. Shame, I’d love to see Erika…nevermind. Anyways, the port is scheduled for release December 16, 2010 for the Playstation 3, and it looks like EP1-4 will be ported. Yep. But PS3 makes it harder to backport things to patch the PC version ;_;.

About the sprites themselves, they’re very shiny and better drawn than lolRyukishi art, but the facial expressions aren’t as good as Ryukishi’s in my opinion.


Alchemist showing off the new OP (which is pretty damn sexy imo even though it’s not Shikata) and talking about it or something.

The game is called: Umineko no Naku Koro ni -The Ronde of the Witch and Reasoning-

All BGM will be left intact with 1980×1080 native resolution.

And apparently those Alchemist portraits are actually for an unrelated erogame called Gal Gun where you shoot girls with something and they make erotic noises or something.  Oh wow my hentai joke was right on the mark. …does it have Erika?

Anyways, hit the jump for more screens.

Evatrice looks really nice.

Siesta 45 is <3. The other one…meh.

Dat Bern <3

The expressions here are pretty decent.


I’d get staked by them.

This pleases my inner lolicon. Uryu~

This trollface is pretty good.

Manly goat is manly.

Looks like that parasite hat is still in action.

Bronove looks FABULOUS. And side-boob isn’t horrible looking.

The adults look cool.

This trollface is kinda…uhh…*snicker*

Looking FABULOUS instead of manly right thar Battler.


Source and more screens.

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    [name omitted by muffiekun /ahaha.wav], THERE IS SO MUCH LUFF FOR YOU.

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