avengers in sci-fi – Delight Slight Lightspeed

September 10, 2010

I just randomly grabbed this off of SOOPAH SEEKRET MOOSIK SOCIETY because their group and album names reminded me of school food punishment for some reason.

Also, I know I haven’t been doing many music reviews lately. School’s been keeping me busy and my input of albums hasn’t been all that great lately. Go figure.

Album: Delight Slight Lightspeed
Artist/Circle: avengers in sci-fi
Release Type: Commercial single
Release Date: 09/08/10

  1. Delight Slight Lightspeed
    The whole reason I got this single was because I was thinking of school food punishment for some reason. Actually, I wasn’t really that far off. The style of music in this song is really similar to school food punishment, both groups used electronically-fused rock, and really the only major difference between the two groups is the vocalist. However, this is a huge difference, as I absolutely love sfp’s vocalist, but sci-fi’s vocalist seems pretty common. Not to say he’s bad, he’s pretty good. But his voice just doesn’t really stand out too much.
  2. Nayutanized (Realized)
    Again, more electronically-fused rock. It sounds pretty nice, and again, I’m reminded of school food punishment. It’s fun to listen to and gives off the sci-fi feeling that I suppose is the group’s intention. The vocalist blends in pretty decently with the melody, which is always a good thing. It’s a little repetitive, but once again, it’s repetitive in a good way, much like some of school food punishment’s music.

Rating: 5/5 (It has no faults, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind listening to it again and again. They’re no school food punishment, but they’re good enough to be compared to sfp in a positive light.)



  1. i don’t know, i think they’re just as good as school food punishment.

    the stuff they released in their indies period was quite out there. this is their first single since they signed to a major label, and it does sounds a little watered down compared to the awesomeness of what they release before.

    i was really shocked (in a good way) when i first watched the PV to Universe Universe.

    • Hmm, Universe to Universe? Maybe I’ll check some of their older stuff out and review some of it when I get the chance.

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