(Shiki ED1) nangi – walk no Yakusoku

September 4, 2010

It’s about…almost a month late, but hey, it’s finally out.

Album: walk no Yakusoku
Artist/Circle: nangi
Release Type: Commercial anime single
Release Date: 08/11/2010

  1. walk no Yakusoku
    The song from Shiki itself, it’s as peaceful and nice as it was in the anime. The extended version is pretty relaxing, and nangi’s voice matches the tone and melody of this song. I enjoy listening to this ballad, and all it needs to be better is a vampire loli with no eyes.
  2. Yumeiro Hanabi
    Er, I think my ears are bleeding. So uhh, nangi became horrible in this one. The song starts off with horrible off-key singing, and the off-keyness kinda continues throughout this song. Seriously…what happened? nangi’s voice worked perfectly in the first song, but it’s horrible in this. God…what the hell happened here?
  3. Express (RAM RIDER Color-full mix)
    Heh, “Color-full,” get it? It’s…yeah, it’s not really that funny. Her voice is a bit less off-key here, but it still sounds pretty bad. Not as bad as the second track, but still bad. I need to go clean up the blood from my ears now.

Rating: 2/5 (The first track is really nice, but the other two tracks are horrible for the ears.)


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