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September 4, 2010

There is nothing in this post.

If the world turned against you as an enemy, would you still continue to fight?

If your peers turned against you as an enemy, would you still continue to fight?

If your loved ones turned against you as an enemy, would you still continue to fight?

If you still continued to fight despite all that, would you still continue to live?

Frankly, she didn’t really care. Such questions were left up to philosophers after all, not girls preoccupied by their first loves. But, if she thought about it, aren’t loved ones at first your peers before lovers? And after you become lovers they become the world? So in that sense, if your loved one turned against you, does that mean the world turned against you?

Again, a question left to philosophers. All the girl had to be concerned with was whether or not her crush would notice her or not. So if this is a question left to philosophers, why would a girl be concerned with these questions?

Is the girl perhaps a philosopher? Or is the philosopher but a girl? What is a philosopher anyways? One who questions the world? One who questions their lover?

All irrelevant questions to the matter at hand. The girl in question did not need to think, only live. Go through the tedium of everyday life; school, home, sleep, school, home, sleep, school, home, sleep. Friendship? A simple way to pass the time for her. Love? Only the illusions of a high school romance. Future? A distant concept she didn’t need to worry about.

Or is it? What is the future after all but a moment transferred to the past? Still a philosophical concept unneeded by the girl, same as all this talk about the world being your lover. Unnecessary.

“But what if your lover was the world? What if time, your past present and future, ceased to exist, and you were nothing but an illusion in the mind of who you loved?”

The minimum number of people needed to make a world was two. With one, the best you can hope for is a delusion that deteriorates into self-destructive insanity. But with two, you can live a shared delusion of insanity where you at least won’t have to be alone. A single perspective is limited, multiple perspectives are limitless.

“Life is nothing but a dream after all, a long dream starting from when you are born up until when you die.”

Is life a dream? Who knows.

The girl didn’t understand why she was listening to this strange man speak. She was on her way to school yet somehow ended up in some strange place with some strange man. According to her watch she was already fifteen minutes late.

“I have to get to class.” The girl said. She made her way out of the building with the man doing nothing to prevent her from leaving. Within minutes she found herself in front of the school gates, as if the man and the brief conversation they shared never existed. She entered the school and went back into the endless repetition of daily life, only fifteen minutes late. Who was that man? Why the questions about life and the world around them? Again, irrelevant questions to the girl.

Irrelevant at the passing of fifteen minutes ago.

In other news, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer finished. That was a good manga that really needs an anime. Preferably Gainax. Also, the first episode of Samurai Girls was pretty good, kind of like Queen’s Blade with good art and quality. (This last bit is totally not a ploy to categorize this post into something it’s not >___>.)

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