(Shiki OP1) BUCK-TICK – Kuchizuke

September 1, 2010

Three posts in one day. Hooray.

Album: Kuchizuke
Artist/Circle: BUCK-TICK
Release Type: Commercial anime single
Release Date: 09/01/10

  1. Kuchizuke
    One of the best things Shiki had going for it was its OP. And now that’s it’s out on single, I have no reason to continue watching the forever dragging non-scary vampire horror. Maybe. Anyways, the full version is pretty different from the TV version, as there seems to be a lot less acoustics than the TV version had. In exchange, they put more emphasis on the rock part of the song. It’s certainly fairly creepy and matches the anime it was used for pretty decently. And I can headbang to it, which is always a plus in my book. BUCK-TICK always has good stuff.
  2. 妖月 – to tiller –
    A bit less creepy than the A track, the B track likes to overuse that distortion effect on the vocalist. Thankfully, it’s pretty effective in this song. It’s not as cool or headbang worthy than the first track, but it’s a pretty sweet rock song in itself. However, I still prefer the A track in this single.

Rating: 5/5 (Very enjoyable if you’re a fan of rock. Also, it’s weird that there’s no instrumentals.)



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