(Katanagatari OP2) Ali Project – Katana to Saya

September 1, 2010

I am reminded of how I haven’t seen the eighth episode of Katanagatari yet. Thanks for that Shinnoden!.

I’m not sure how familiar my readership is with Ali Project, but from what I’ve heard, Ali Project is one of the most repetitive groups ever, with almost all of their songs way too similar in style and execution. Thankfully, I don’t really listen to Ali Project, so I can be a bit more impartial with this review.

Album: Katana to Saya
Artist/Circle: Ali Project
Release Type: Commercial anime single
Release Date: 08/25/10

  1. Katana to Saya
    When I first saw Katanagatari’s new OP on Youtube, I thought Ali Project was the most unfitting and worst possible choice for the OP theme and that the first OP is way better than the new one. I still think that, but the full version doesn’t really sound that bad compared to when I first heard it in the TV size. The song probably just doesn’t match my image on what Katanagatari is, but by itself the song is pretty decent. Like I said before, a lot of Ali Project’s stuff sounds the same, and this is no exception. But if you don’t really hear Ali Project too much, this song is pretty enjoyable the way it is. Still like the first OP better.
  2. Haizakura
    A slower, more balladish song from Ali Project. My only other experience with slow Ali Project songs was one of the B tracks from one of the Phantom singles they did, but I don’t really remember them too well since they almost never come up on my shuffle (and if they do I have a tendency to skip them). It’s pretty good, since it’s different from Ali Project’s usual formula (or maybe because I just haven’t listened to enough Ali Project), and Ali Project’s style in general is pretty unique from the usual Japanese artists too. If only Ali Project had more than one song that they kept remixing over and over again. *shot*
  3. Katana to Saya (instrumental)
  4. Haizakura (instrumental)

Rating: 4/5 (It’s pretty enjoyable by itself, but the fact remains that Ali Project is one of the most repetitive groups in existence.)


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