Innocent Key – Haitoku Shimai ~ Aka ni Somaru Katatsubasa -affection-

August 29, 2010

Hit the jump for the actual album art since the cover is kind of NSFW.

This is the greatest album Innocent Key’s ever came out with, because they dropped all their cutesy comedy pop stuff in favor of telling an extremely dramatic and well voiced story with well-made orchestral compositions to accompany it. Only thing is…I can never play this entire album out loud in a place with people? Why? Because of loli yuri incest hentai drama. Yeeeaaahhhhh. I swear, I only got this album for the music, honest!

Because this album has three drama tracks, I’m going to try something different and tell the story of what’s going on in those tracks with my extremely limited understanding of Japanese along with the usual music review. Most of what I write is me guessing what’s going on and piecing it together with the very few Japanese words I’m familiar with. So if you’re ready for incestuous loli yuri hentai drama, hit the jump to read the review.

Album: Haitoku Shimai ~ Aka ni Somaru Katatsubasa -affection-
Artist/Circle: Innocent Key
Release Type: Touhou arrange album
Release Date: 06/21/09

  1. 絶望と目覚め ドラマ 第一幕
    Rain falls on the Scarlet Mansion in Gensokyo. Remilia wakes up from a nightmare, suddenly reminded of the time when she was once human. She leaves her room, wanting to check on her sister Flandre. Suddenly, her maid Sakuya tells Remilia of an occurrence in Flandre’s room, and Remilia suddenly lets out a yell as she realizes her vampirism is fading. Remilia goes down to the basement to check on her little sister, Flandre Scarlet, and tells Sakuya to stay away. But the sight that greeted Remilia in the basement was a panting Flandre, and Remilia couldn’t help but pander to Flandre’s soft cries for her Onee-sama…but Flandre takes a bite from Remilia, taking her blood. This must be a result from Remilia’s fading vampirism, and the vampire’s natural power of captivation takes hold of Remilia…Flandre whispers to Remilia, “I love you, Onee-sama…” Remilia asks if her blood is delicious, and Flandre giggles in response…
  2. Immoral Sister ~紅に染まる片翼
    The second track goes back into music with this rock opera-esque duet between Remilia and Flandre. Apparently an  arrange of the Scarlet Sister’s stage themes, this is a unique experience of the song. The voice actress for Remilia uses a really mature voice, while the voice actress for Flandre uses a moemoe voice. However, unlike the usual use of moemoe voices, the two voices combine and work off each other in a way that captivates the listener. It’s an incredibly dramatic and well-made track, and the duets and atmosphere this track gives off is representative of the emotion contained in this album. In terms in story, I think it’s Remilia persuading Flandre to have sex with her or something. I don’t really know. It would go along with the title anyways, with Remilia being an immoral sister.
  3. Endless Love ~交錯する禁忌
    A slower and more balladish arrange of Septette for the Dead Princess and U.N. Owen. It’s a very emotional track, and again, the blending of Remilia’s mature voice and Flandre’s cute voice is a heavenly combination. Which is ironic since their unholy vampires. If this album was played out on stage, I could see them singing their hearts out to express the taboo emotions the two sisters hold for each other. As for the story context, I think it’s the sisters expressing their love for each other before sexing it up, so it’s not just lust that drives their passions. I DON’T REALLY KNOW.
  4. Existence Vision ~見据えた真実
    And now we go into a rock arrange of Lunar Clock, Sakuya’s theme. So I’m guessing in the context of the, we go from lesbian vampire sisters sexing it up to…magical hot-blooded adventures of the cleaning maid? Uh, sure, let’s go with that. Strange context I’m not really sure about side, this is an incredibly rocking track. The guitar solos are really well done, and Sakuya’s voice actor does a great job providing a mature, maid-like voice. Whatever maids are supposed to sound like anyways. Like all the music tracks on this album, this is worth listening to repetitively.
  5. 花びらと翼 ドラマ 第二幕
    [insert about 10 minutes of moans, groans, plot narration, and other sex noises here]. Because I’m ignoring about…all of this track, the cliffnotes are sex, something about wings or something, sex, something else, sex, idfk anymore. I guess because Remilia gave into human lust, the wings which were representative of her vampire powers weakened and she began to give off a human scent? Just pull out all the hentai tropes and shove it in here with more dramatic lighting, and you should get a pretty good picture of what’s going on. Oh, and Flandre snaps and goes crazy after she orgasms or something. I don’t really know, probably because the orgasm relinquished Flandre’s hold on her sadistic side, so her insanity was released. I like to think they were eating watermelons when recording the noises for this track, I don’t know why, but that give me a hilarious image as opposed to the voice actresses actually…well, sexing it up.
  6. Significant point ~加速する崩壊
    Awwwwwwwyeah insanity. As everyone should very well know, the best arranges of U.N. Owen was her are the ones that are batshit insane. And this song qualifies for that. A frantic metal backing with Flandre’s insane laughter/crying/screaming makes this track…well, you really have to hear it yourself. As for story context, Flandre snaps after she orgasms in the last track, and her inner self is screaming to be saved. Remilia gathers up her remaining vampire powers and fights Flandre to suppress Flandre’s insanity, but Remilia is having trouble fighting Flandre in her weakened state, especially since even at her best, Flandre is way more powerful than she is. So yeah, we went to incestuous loli yuri sex to life or death battle. Yep.
  7. 紅い月の日 ドラマ 第三幕
    Remilia and Flandre have a spellcard battle in the vast basement of the Scarlet Mansion. The rules of spellcards is the only thing keeping Flandre from utterly obliterating Remilia in a second, so Remilia must try her best to bring Flandre back to her senses. Flandre’s inner self cries, she doesn’t want to fight her beloved sister, but her thirst for blood and destruction compels her to fight. Remilia knows that in her weakened half-human state, she’ll have a hard time defeating Flandre, but she must do her best. She summons all her strength to cast a spellcard, and Flandre is unable to dodge it. Remilia knocks and pins Flandre to the ground. Flandre speaks to Remilia in a soft voice “Are you scared…Onee-sama?” Remilia ignores this and tries to talk Flandre back to her senses, but she doesn’t notice Flandre’s wings. They stab her in the back, and Remilia screams in pain and Flandre rips apart Remilia’s wings. Flandre lets out excited gasps as Remilia’s blood splatters all over her. Flandre drinks up the blood, all the while her inner self crying to stop. Remilia tries again to talk to Flandre, letting out in a strained voice, “I want us to go back to our happy days…” Remilia refuses to give up, but all Flandre can do is excitedly torment and torture her sister. Flandre finally regains her senses soon after, but it is too late. “ONEE-SAMAAA!!” she cries out in despair. She clutches the lifeless body of her sister, drowning in the despair she has created. It’s over, but Flandre can’t help but let out one last cry of anguish. “You loved me…didn’t you? Didn’t you?! Didn’t you?!?!! Onee-samaaaaa…”
  8. Jewelry Magic -Instrumental-
    An instrumental arrange of Locked Girl, that’s from one of Innocent Key’s previous albums. It…well, kind of ruins the tone the end of the last track had. I guess it could work for credit music or something, but it’s a bit too poppy to come after all the srs bzns drama that came before it. The violin used in the chorus is pretty nice, not really sure if they were in the original and replaced the vocals here. That could be the case, I suppose. And it makes me wonder what Sakuya, Patchouli, and China Meling were doing while all this was going down. Although they did kind of tell us about MAGICAL SAKUYA’S CLEANING ADVENTURES in track 4. Maybe.
  9. Memories of Scarlet ~紅の記憶
    A compilation of all the BGMs made for the drama tracks. I didn’t really talk about the BGM in the drama tracks, but they were the main reason I listened to them in the first place. I swear, I just listened to those for the BGMs. Honest. Anyways, they’re really nice BGMs, all orchestral and dramatic. You have the soft music used in the…eh, first two drama tracks, then the fast-paced dramatic music used in the battle. It’s all very well done, and I’d love to see Innocent Key arrange more stuff like this. Too bad they’re too busy making moemoe kawaii albums instead of stuff like this. ;_;

Rating: 10/10 (The music is extremely good, and the voice work in the drama tracks sound very professional. Only downside is if you don’t like incestuous loli yuri hentai in your library. But even then, you can skip those.)

Recommended Tracks: All of them.



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    • So how is that translation coming?

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