(C78) pre-holder – Millenary for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru

August 28, 2010

Yet another Seakitty album from Comiket 78. This one is by pre-holder, who, in case you didn’t know, is responsible for the atmospheric tracks of Umineko. Also, what does millenary mean?

Album: Millenary for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru
Artist/Circle: pre-holder
Release Type: Original doujin release
Release Date: Comiket 78

  1. millenary -刹那-
    The first track lets the listener hear what they expect from pre-holder, which is an ambient atmospheric experience. This track is very dreamlike, and the female voice that’s weaved into the music is very effective in expressing that dreamlike feeling. I think it’s engrish, but I don’t really know.
  2. The first and The last -more groove-
    The second track is a rearrange of one of the songs pre-holder provided for EP6. While still atmospheric, this track give off more of a dramatic, frenzied feel, adding a guitar and some beats to get the listener’s blood pumping. The subtitle for this is kinda silly, since groove makes me think of gaudy images from the seventies, but regardless of the silly subtitle, this track boasts some of pre-holder’s best composition skills.
  3. Corridor -チウアロ-
    This track gives off a really creepy unsettling feeling. Being a rearrange from another Umineko song pre-holder did, that’s a good thing, since Umineko’s really lost it’s horror touch after the first couple Episodes (yes, yes, I know Umineko’s not really a horror). It’s a nice track, and does its job well, and if you ever wanted an unsettling atmosphere for whatever reason, this is your song.
  4. Birth of a new witch -Not when then cry Mix-
    Awwwwwwwyea. Not an atmospheric or instrumental track for once, but a pretty sweet rearrange of EP6’s ending song. The original version was sexy already, so this one is like…eh, I’ll lay off on the sexual analogies. Anyways, this mix add more delicious beats, a bit of a techno backing, and one of those other sound effects you hear in hip-hop. I don’t know what those are called. But unlike in mainstream hip-hop, this song is ridiculously awesome. You should be well aware by now that I like beats in my orchestrals, and this song does it right. Like, 100 times over. Vocals are the same as the original, so the same goodness and emotion in the vocals there. But the subtitle is weird.
  5. 1000年の憂鬱
    The final track closes off nicely if only for the yandere that’s freaking out. The clock is a nice touch, because it adds to that disturbing feeling. It’s an excellent way to close off, because the claustrophobic atmosphere pre-holder’s creepy songs give off is a great reminder of the times when Umineko disturbed the hell out of us. And we love it. Also, why am I getting the image of Bernkastel going crazy and having a mental breakdown from that voice?

Rating: 8/10 (Because it’s an atmospheric album, it can only express how good it is based on the feeling the songs give off. It’s primary use is for background music, and therefore, it doesn’t stand out as much as a non-atmospheric album would. But as far as atmospheric music goes, pre-holder’s the best.

Recommended Tracks: Birth of a new witch -Not when they cry Mix- (track 4)

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