(C78) 猫招き歌劇団 – Re:Hymn

August 26, 2010

Astonishingly enough, I actually have time to do this. Thank you for this opportunity Bernkastel.

As of this post, all the Umineko albums from C78 have been released, and I’ll probably slowly make my way through them for the next couple posts. So until I get through all of them, this place will be full of seacats (not including Shiki’s OP which should be out next week).

Album: Re:Hymn
Artist/Circle: 猫招き歌劇団 (Neko Maneki Kagekidan)
Release Type: Original doujin album
Release Date: Comiket 78

  1. 惨美歌
    What I think is the main track of this album, this long piece clocks into about 12:14. I think it’s a pretty incredible song, a solemn orchestral track with opera-esque vocals that span throughout the twelve minute timeslot it’s been allotted that actually remains interesting throughout the entire song. It reminds me a lot of the song EXEC.HIBERNATION/. from the Ar Tonelico 2 Hymmnos albums, if for nothing but the fact that it’s a long melancholy piece that feels really atmospheric as it exudes a grand yet slow-paced tune. The repetition of the lyrics really hammers in the melancholic tone this piece is trying to go for, and I feel as if it touches the heart in some way. If long melancholic orchestral compositions are your thing, this track is a definite must have.
  2. Rule。GZ
    Another long solemn track clocking in at 8:06. The main backing of this piece is the acoustic guitar that stays with the vocals for most of the song. The tone of this piece seems more mysterious than melancholic like the last one, which I suppose is fitting for a mystery like Umineko. The title of the song reminds me of the whole “Rules XYZ” that the last arc of Higurashi had going on, and I’m pretty sure Umineko has something like “Rule XYZ” in it, although I can’t recall if something like that was ever mentioned (I’m pretty sure it was though). It’s a pretty good track, although I prefer listening to the first track more.
  3. ひとつだけ願いを叶えてあげる
    A song that’s finally at a standard length, although it’s still on the longer side of the spectrum at 6:14. It’s has a much faster pace and upbeat tone than the other two tracks on this album, and provides a nice break away from the solemnity of the previous tracks. It’s more of a rock track that doesn’t really fit in with the Hymn theme that the album seemed to be going for, but an upbeat track is fine too. The piano part in the instrumental solo is really nice, but other than that I’d put it in the same tier as Active Pain and Discode. This sounds like it could be the ED song for the final Episode of Umineko, and if not this than the first track of the album. Although I guess they could use both, one for the endroll and the other for the ? ? ? credits.
  4. 惨美歌 (without vocal)
  5. Rule。GZ (without vocal)
  6. ひとつだけ願いを叶えてあげる (without vocal)

Rating: 8/10 (Track 1 is a really excellent track that’s perfect in terms of emotion and atmosphere. The other two tracks are good too, but they’re easily overshadowed by the first track and this album would be be rated higher if those two tracks pulled their own weight.)

Recommended Tracks: Track 1


(Note: Although this album really only had three tracks, I made the decision to rate it as an album instead of a single because the length of the three tracks together were long enough to compare to a small album like Katakiri’s 12:12:24. Also, for those of you who don’t know, this circle is the one responsible for most of Umineko’s ED tracks.)

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