August 24, 2010

From the desk of Divide By Zero:

We all need places to begin; most people assume that we must all start at 1. Frankly, I disagree; if we start at 1, that means that we’ve already started. For example, 0.99999 is less than one, but it is still a number. Thus, the beginning, in my opinion, is Zero.

I am Divide By Zero, but you may call me Zero if you’d like :) I just started this blog recently in order to help muffiekun “Americanify” drizzly rain. My favorite TV show is The Simpsons, my favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail, my favorite subject in school is English, and I love to read, write, sing, act, and play both the guitar and tuba. But I’m not one to discount the academics either: of the academics, Calculus is my favorite while anything to do with History is my least favorite. I also have a keen interest in philosophy and psychology and currently have no idea as to what my college major is going to be.

Here’s hoping that all the numbers past zero will be positive :)

(lolmuffieedits >____>)

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    (also, 0.999… is equivalent ta 1 :P)

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