AniPix – Rectia

August 22, 2010

The best Touhou musics are the ones that don’t really sound like Touhou music.

Album: Rectia
Artist/Circle: AniPix/Syrufit
Release Type: Touhou arrange album
Release Date: 03/08/09

  1. Intro
    It’s an intro. That’s about it. It’s not an arrange of anything, just an original ambient piece to set up the rest of the album. It’s nice but it doesn’t stand out in any way, making it useful for nothing but an intro. Which it is.
  2. Rectia
    The album’s namesake, this is an arrange of Greenwich in the Sky. Probably one of the biggest reasons I like the AniPix label is because they have good vocalists, the soft-spoken type I seem to like so much. The instrumental backing seems to overpower the vocals in some spots, but it’s nothing too bad. As for the track itself, it’s nice, nothing special though.
  3. Arc of Dream
    Pretty much the entire reason I got into this circle. I saw a PV of this, was amazed, and went out to get the album. It’s an arrange of Maiden’s Capriccio, and most of it is instrumental techno. But when the vocals kick in, they really kick in. The vocals sound like they have a lot of emotion put in behind them, even if they sound like they’ve been filtered through autotune or something.
  4. Nyx
    [insert Greek mythology or Persona 3 reference here]. An arrange of Fall of Fall, one of my favorite tracks from Touhou. I’d say this arrange does it justice, the vocalist is nice as usual and the techno backing is pretty well done. It’s a pretty relaxing track imo.
  5. Cute Egoist!!
    A pretty hot-blooded arrange of Master Spark. It’s pretty fun how the vocalist just sort of belts it out. Mixing guitars with the techno is a plus for me too. It’s a fun track to listen to.
  6. Guilty Princess
    Apparently an arrange of Lunatic Princess, but I don’t really see the resemblance. Remember that first sentence of this post? Yeah, this is what I’m referring to. The way this song progresses is really impressive to me, starting off with some quiet vocals and steadily crescendo-ing into the chorus, then reverting back into quiet vocals. One of my favorite tracks from this album.
  7. Worldcode
    A non-vocal techno mix of Lunar Dial. I don’t see how it resembles Lunar Dial, but go figure. There’s nothing too special about this track, it’s decent enough and pretty much only good for background music.
  8. sigh
    Another non-vocal mix, this time of Green-Eyed Jealousy. I…really don’t see the similarity here. A really ambient track that relaxes the mind and all that other stuff ambient music is supposed to do. I just like to kick back and kill time with this track playing in the background.
  9. Hypnotryst
    And from ambiance we go into this, a fast-paced vocal remix of Corpse Voyage (again, how is this Corpse Voyage again?). It’s pretty cool, eh, can headbang to it and doesn’t afraid of anything.
  10. fragile.
    As the track title says, this arrange of Bad Apple sounds…fragile. I can hear some Bad Apple in it but…not really that much. I really like this track, because they way it’s sung makes me think of a fragile girl who’s trying her hardest to get her emotions across to the one she loves. And the guitar solo in the middle is really cool.
  11. Outro (Good Night-mare)
    An original composition closes off this album. It’s another really ambient track, and I can fall asleep to it. In a good way, of course. A nice closing to a solid album.

Rating: 7.5/10 (There are a good amount of good tracks, not really any bad tracks to speak of, but how much you like this album will really depend on the type of music and vocals you like.)

Recommended Tracks: Arc of Dream (track 3), Cute Egoist!! (track 5), sigh (track 8), fragile. (track 10)


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