(Amagami SS ED2) Satou Rina – Kitto Ashita wa…

August 21, 2010

Late post, was released a while ago, blah blah blah. I was originally going to do a KOKIA album, but a quick google search has revealed that a lot of people have done that already. This single is a 2 disc one, the first disc being the single and the second disc containing the character specific BGMs.

Album: Kitto Ashita wa…
Artist/Circle: Satou Rina
Release Type: Commercial anime single
Release Date: 08/18/10

Disc 1:

  1. Kitto Ashita wa…
    A really soft-spoken balladish pop song. I find it very pleasant to listen to, Satou’s soft voice is really charming, and the simple melody composed of mostly of soft drums and guitar is incredibly relaxing. The engrish is great in a charming type of way, “Such a friiiieeenndd, still a friiiieeennnddd, just a friiieeennnndddd~” Because of it’s longer length it’s better than the TV size, since the song can go through its chorus more often. It’s just a really sweet song befitting of the character it’s sung by.
  2. Kaze ni Fukarate
    The B track is definitely more upbeat than the A track. The rhythmic snapping and clapping gives this song sort of a jazzy feel, while still keeping its pop flavor. Satou’s voice is still pretty charming, although I prefer her singing voice in the A track. Overall an upbeat pop song that’s well paired with the mellow A track.
  3. Kitto Ashita wa… (instrumental)
  4. Kaze ni Fukarate (instrumental)

Disc 2

  1. Her heart is jumping around
    First thing I want to say about Amagami BGMs is that they are elevator music. Nice elevator music, but elevator music nonetheless. This first track is a jazzy number reflecting the character’s playful tsundereness. Pretty much a track befitting for a bad friend.
  2. Girl’s talk
    Another playful BGM. Its simple looping melody is the definition of background music, but it’s a nice listen. Elevator music is supposed to be pretty relaxing after all.
  3. Character Monologue
    There’s nothing really interesting for a non-Japanese speaker to listen to here. /skips



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