Changes made to drizzly rain

August 21, 2010

As some of you I’m sure have noticed, I have made some changes to drizzly rain. The most noticeable change on the site is that I’m using a new theme. The reason I made this change is to accommodate the changes I’ve made to the category bar. I have reorganized everything to make things more neat and easy to find, and by doing so, I decided to change the theme to make drizzly rain more attractive.

The second thing you might notice is that I’ve gotten rid of the tag cloud. The thing was getting way too cluttered and I decided to get rid of it to preserve the attractiveness of drizzly rain.

Third is that I’ve gone through all the posts made on drizzly rain and retagged/categorized them properly and got rid of posts that didn’t lead anywhere or contribute to drizzly rain. Fixing all the posts was very tedious, as the new theme cut off some of the pictures, forcing me to go through and edit the size of all the pictures that were too large.

I’ve commissioned a friend to make a new banner, and as soon as he’s finished with that, drizzly rain will have made it’s transition to the next stage. I ended up making a banner myself. A lot of hard work for an amateur picture editor like me. With this new banner and new look, drizzly rain has successfully made its transition to the next stage.

With that said, I hope I can continue to provide the Japanese music coverage you all come here for.

…I hate being formal.

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