(C78) TAMusic – SPECTRUM

August 20, 2010

The cover is one of the few things good about this album. This serves to be a lesson in false advertising. Seriously…what happened TAM?

Artist/Circle: TAMusic
Release Type: Original doujin release
Release Date: Comiket 78

    One of two of the only classical tracks on this album. It’s pretty nice, and it’d good to see that TAM is doing some original stuff, but if he’s doing original stuff, he should stick to classical. The melody’s nice to listen to, and if the rest of the album was like this, it’d be great. Sadly, it’s not.
  2. 暁のレクイエム
    The second track is okay, if only for the fact that I can actually hear the violin in the background. The chorus is pretty cool, the vocalist is decent. The vocals take the spotlight for a bit in the second half, but the way they do feels kind of unnatural.
  3. Let’s☆ミコミッコ体操
    One thing this Comiket has taught me is not to trust songs that have stars in their title. This track has miko as the vocalist, and while I do like miko, I don’t really like this song. It’s way too sugary happy diabeetus inducing and doesn’t have any good melody or anything to it at all. Cute songs are cute in small doses, but this song goes overboard with the cuteness. Um…where’d the violin go…?
  4. P・S・Y・C・H・O
    So…this is TAM right…then why all the techno…? This track is really kind of…bad. It’s way too electronic for my tastes, doesn’t have a good beat or melody to it, and the vocalist sounds like she overdosed on autotune. It sounds like one of those bad techno songs in DJ Max you only play once to Max Combo it and move on.
  5. forest
    Well at least the violin is back. Problem is, it just seems like a random generic violin. The good thing about TAM is that they usually put the violin in the spotlight, but here you can barely notice it. At least the song is kinda creepy…but I think they were trying too hard on the creepy part that they forgot to make it a good song. The vocals and violin sound like they’re constantly fighting for the spotlight, and it doesn’t really sound that great because of it.
    Yo dawg so I heard you like bad techno so we put sum bad techno with yo bad techno in yo bad techno so you can hear bad techno after yo bad techno. Seriously. The melody sucks and overpower the autotuned vocals which are also pretty annoying, and to top it all off, they pretty much loop the song halfway through. No, saying “Let’s try again x3” does not make your song better or any more clever. The ending is pretty okay though, reminds me of retro games, but that’s about it.
  7. 空の欠片
    At least this track isn’t as bad as the last one. It’s actually leagues better than the last track. While no part of this reminds me of TAMusic at all, at least the vocals are pretty good and the melody is likable. I’d go as far as to say it’s the best track in the album, however much that’s worth.
  8. シオン
    Well, they got nayuta to sing for this one, so it can’t be that bad, right? Actually…yeah, it isn’t that bad. I don’t really feel as if the vocals really match the music or that nayuta did a spectacular job on this one, it kinda actually feels that the vocals are tacked on. It has a piano and violin, so at least that part is TAM. It’s alright, but I know that nayuta can do a lot better. What, there’s another vocalist singing with nayuta? Eh, don’t really care.
  9. falling down
    At least it’s not techno. Again, it kinda feels as if the vocals are tacked on, and the instrumentals are a bit too loud and overpower the vocalist at some points. TAM should really get better mixers if he does another vocal album (which I hope he doesn’t). The instrumental solo is nice, but the vocals bring the song down a notch. Other than that it’s pretty decent.
  10. 夕焼けに染まる帰路
    The second and last classical track on this album, it reminds me of what TAMusic is best at. Classical instrumentals. While I’m all for exploring different styles, after you satisfy your curiosity with those styles it’s best to return to what you do best. In TAM’s case, he should stop with this vocal stuff and return to doing purely instrumental releases. He can keep the album artist though, that’s a pretty nice cover. Wait…you’re telling me that it was mostly this KEIGO KANZAKI guy who composed most of this album? And TAM only really composed the last track. Well…FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU–

Rating: 3/10 (A wholly unremarkable album, and while there were a couple tracks that were pretty good, they weren’t good enough to compensate for all the bad tracks.)

Recommended Tracks: Tracks 1, 7, 10


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