Haruka Shimotsuki – Hikari no Amaoto

August 17, 2010

A random Haruka Shimotsuki album popped up on soopah seekret moosik society that I really needed to lurk moar on so I thought “Hey, why not do a review?” So…here I am.

Album: Hikari no Amaoto
Artist/Circle: Haruka Shimotsuki
Release Date: 08/25/2010 (and I’m posting this on the 17th…soopah seekret moosik society ftw?)

  1. 光の雨音
    The album starts off with an instrumental track. It’s pretty nice, a light piano that leads into wind instruments, bringing that dreamy majestic feel fantasy albums (like Shikata’s and Katakiri’s) are known to bring about.
  2. 水を映す者
    Is this the title track? Yes? No? Maybe? It’d be nice if I could read those moonrunes. Anyways, the first track leads into this one, a pretty fantastic track reminiscent of Shimotsuki’s Ar Tonelico works (I feel like I’ve used that phrase already…). The use of traditional instruments is great and provides that fantasy feel, alongside Shimotsuki’s vocals. Although…I seem to recall that Shimotsuki’s tracks for Ar Tonelico never stood out compared to the other vocalists…
  3. 流れる籠の中
    The second vocal track is much quieter than the last one. It’s a very calming track that features a violin in the backtrack. For the most part, it’s Shimotsuki’s vocals that carries this track through to the end. That, and the violin. It’s the type of song that soothes the soul…or some other kind of thing like that.
  4. 水を映す者 (off vocal)
  5. 流れる籠の中 (off vocal)

Rating: 8.5/10 (Very pleasant to listen to, but nothing incredibly outstanding to bring you back again and again.)

Download (fix the second track by renaming the file to have the proper .mp3 tag at the end)

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