August 16, 2010

Because nothing says “rebirth” like a finger to the face.

For those of you who have actively checked this site every day since the last post (which is probably…nobody) this is your reward. drizzly rain is back, and will possibly be better than ever before! Or not. It all depends on whether or not I can find some commitment in me or not.

“But muffiekun, why will drizzly rain be better than ever before?” you might ask. One of the biggest changes I want to put into this blog is to actually give it a purpose. Yes, that’s right, a purpose. It is no longer going to be a place for me to randomly post whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time, with no direction or thought put into what I want to do with this place. Instead of being a cesspool of random rants, it’ll now be a cesspool of musical rants. Yep, drizzly rain’s new focus will go from “stuff” to “music.”

“But muffiekun, what does this mean?” you might ask. Well, from now on I want to use this place to review anime openings and endings, doujin albums, and whatever random .mp3 files that find their way into my music folder. By shifting the focus to “music,” I will now have more motivation to make posts, since I happen to be a musicfag and new music easily finds its way into my playlists. By doing something I love (listening to music) I will be able to post posts with more substance and at greater frequencies. At least, in theory.

“But muffiekun, does this mean you’re not going to post about random crap nobody cares about anymore?” you might ask. Well, first of all, if nobody cares about it, why are you asking? Hurts my feelings man. But no, just because I’m giving this blog a focus doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally come out with some random post that has nothing to do with music. That post will probably be about a book or video game or some random event in my life. But the majority of my posts will be music from now on.

“But muffiekun, what’ll be the content of each post?” you might ask. I will try to keep music review relatively simple, album art, album information, track by track reviews, an overall score, and recommended tracks. Occasionally, there will be a download link, but more often then now I will have already lost track of the link by the time I give an album a listen to.

“But muffiekun, why are you even deciding to revive this blog?” you might ask. I was actually inspired by the blog Loli Salad and I wanted to do what she does on her site and write music reviews. I liked her site enough that I…based the format of future posts on her review format.

“But muffiekun, doesn’t this just make you a plag-” Shut up.

“But-” Please shut up.

With this revival post out of the way, please look forward to future music reviews. Starting with music from Comiket 78! Maybe. Ehh…yeah.


  1. I’ve checked it every day since it died~!


    (Or rather I just subscribed ta it :/)

    Welcome back~

      Or…technically one reader who has been around for a while…? Maybe?

      Thanks for the welcome anyways~

      • I think this was probably ta first post I actually read on yar blog; I read some previous ones but I doubt I subscribed ta this way back in January…

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