Obligatory Christmas Post 2009

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from those of us here at drizzly rain~

Because I seem to be the only active writer on this blog (and by active I mean sort of not really), it’s really just Merry Christmas from muffiekun. I guess. Since this is a small blog and I have small skills, I don’t really have anything cool I can give to my readers like a short flash presentation or video or something. All I really have to offer is a short rant on Christmas and the obligatory “what I got” list.

So let me tell you the story of Christmas. A long, long time ago, there was this guy in a suit who came up with this great idea one cold winter day. “Say, why don’t I give stuff to people today?” the man thought. So this man went around giving stuff to people, stuff that he bought with his own money, and people gradually decided to adopt his idea. “Hey, we should get stuff for other people today too!” And sot the people went around giving stuff away, but they couldn’t give their own stuff away. Instead, they had to use their money to buy gifts, and it turns out that the guy in the suit who originally thought up the idea was also selling gifts as well as giving. So the people all bought stuff from that guy to give away, and the they decided to call this day “Christmas.” And ironically, the guy who gave stuff away for free ended up making a lot more money than he started out with. And so the day went all according to the corporate bastard’s plan. The end.

Wait…you’re saying that Christmas is all about togetherness and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ? Psh, with today’s society, half of the children who celebrate Christmas are only in on it for the free stuff. And admit it, dear reader, you like getting free stuff too. Who doesn’t like getting free stuff?

The way it is now, Christmas is mostly a commercialized holiday meant to sell goods through clever sales and the promotion of a big fat man in a red suit. We have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas that we see on all those cliched and overdone Christmas specials that come on every year, and now celebrate it for the opportunity to get new items such as laptops and iPods and such.

Sure, there are also people who actually celebrate Christmas for the togetherness it brings, and it is nice when people you like get together for the holidays. But there are also people who dread Christmas since they have to deal with family members they rarely interact with. They spend time and money trying to get a gift that will most likely be unappreciated since they don’t even know what that person would like. So the Christmas season is actually a torturous hell for some.

Of course, maybe I’m just bitter about something right now. I don’t know. But Christmas is now a largely commercialized holiday, and I believe that the true spirit of Christmas has been mostly lost over the Digital Age we now live in. That feeling of togetherness with family and friends has been lost to me as I write out these words onto this dusty corner of the internet. But that’s just me.

To the reader, I hope you have a very splendid and happy Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. I might be doing a crappy job at enjoying life right now, but my pessimism shouldn’t affect your holiday. How you enjoy this holiday depends on your outlook towards it, and even if it kinda sucks right now, suck it up and enjoy it anyways. I should take my own advice. Meh.

Here’s the obligatory “what I got” list that I’m obligated to post.

  • 120 GB iPod Classic
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Vol.2
  • Some Belgian Chocolates
  • Shaver thing
  • Medical book
  • $40 Gamestop gift card
  • $30 Wal-Mart gift card
  • $20 cash

Merry Christmas from drizzly rain, and a Happy New Year.

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