Kodomo no Jikan – Chapter 56

December 22, 2009

Inspirational speeches. Along with Oppabus. Which is shorthand for Oppai Pabu. Which means Breast Pub. Oh Watashiya-sensei you.

It’s a pretty standard chapter of Kodomo no Jikan, except that in place of the loli fanservice antics of the last chapter, we get some character development and plot progression. The plot progression being that one teacher guy whose name escapes me at the moment confessing his love to Shirai-sensei. And Shirai is pretty damn moe. But maybe I’m just saying that because part of her “I’m a failure” monologue reminded me of something. Or someone. Partially anyways.

Aside from that random plot point for Shirai-sensei, Reiji gets taken to an Oppabu, which as the intro stated, is a breast pub. If you, dear reader, don’t know what a breast pub is, it’s where the waitresses dress in scandalous outfits that showcase their assets. Think of Angel Mort uniforms with breast exposure. The reason Reiji goes to one of these places is because he decided to go out with his co-workers since Rin is with Aoki-sensei, and he believes that going to one would make him more of an adult. Part of this is because Aki-san (Rin’s mother) didn’t tell Reiji about her illness, and Reiji thinks she didn’t tell him because he wasn’t mature like an adult. Unexpectedly however, Reiji sees a waitress who looks like Aki-san and at that point I’m thinking “OSHI PLOT TWIST.” But it turns out, Reiji was just drunk. Maybe this’ll become important later on? Who knows.

We get some more exposition on how Aoki-sensei wants Kokonoe to grow up yet still be a child, with a cute scene with them hugging. And that’s all their character development for this chapter.

I really liked that inspirational speech. Because of something. Yeah.

Tune in next month for another exciting loli and breast filled chapter of Kodomo no Jikan! Because the fanservice has just been increasing with every chapter…


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