Kodomo no Jikan – Chapter 55

November 29, 2009

Yes, this is the actual chapter, no it’s not a doujinshi.I’m doing a write-up on this eight days after SaHa scantalated it, but yeah.

The chapter can mostly be summarized as Aoki, Boin-sensei, and the trio go off to the beach for some hentai ecchi antics. Yes, I’m being serious. For some reason Aoki has to visit his old home which just happens to be near the beach, which just happens to provide the perfect setting for a swimsuit chapter.

And swimsuit chapter this turned out to be. For the most part this chapter was fanservice-y hentai fluff. We were introduced to Aoki’s sister, which was about the only possible plot point made. And speaking of plot, we had a quick recap of the relationship between Kokonoe and Reiji, which didn’t really do much but give the readers an excuse to see Kokonoe wearing nothing but knee-high boots.

Really, there was nothing that actually advanced the plot in any way. But before a drama this manga’s a comedy. And this chapter delivered on the comedy. Not to mention how much of a hentai fanservice chapter this was.

Not only was there Kokonoe-in-boots, but also inserting a tampon in Mimi (complete with strange facial expressions and x-rays), swimsuits, Kokonoe stripping out of her clothes and crawling next to Aoki while he slept (and Aoki’s hand somehow ending up near Kokonoe’s…yeah), and a yuri scene between Boin-sensei and Aoki’s sister.

Maybe plot next chapter? It doesn’t really matter to me though, KnJ can continue with it’s almost-hentai streak for all I care, me being the lolicon and all. But some plot next month would be nice.


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