I-I’m not dead…yet…

November 21, 2009

Note: The pictures used from here on out may or may not actually be related to the content of the post. In other words, pictures look nice and catch people’s attention so I can brainwash you people when you aren’t looking.It’s been about…a while since I last posted anything at all in this place. And the reason for that is because…well, I have no actual reason…other than laziness of course. But I’m always lazy so it hardly ever counts as a reason. But I feel that I should try to put more effort into actually using my little corner of the internet, so in order to do that, I am resolving to post moar.

And to help me post moar make you my mind slaves, I have recruited a goddess to assist me in my endeavors. Together, we will cause the eternal destruction and ruin of the world and life as we know it make this blog somewhat more active.

So I’m back. This time with 99 percent more loli.



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