Tokyo Game Show ’09: Final Fantasy XIII/FFCC: The Crystal Bearers

September 28, 2009

Hit the jump for the Crystal Bearers PV.

Excuse me while I fangasm.


M’kay. As you can see, two PVs for Squeenix’s games were released at TGS this year. All I can say is that FFXIII looks pretty damn sexy and the new character, Serah, is a loli, which pleases me. She’s also voiced by the VA who voiced Tsumugi from K-ON!, which is pretty cool. Hopefully FFXIII won’t turn out to be like FFXII, as in hours of plotless adventuring with no character development whatsoever.

And on the other end we have Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. This game has been delayed for almost as long as FFXIII has been, albeit without the crazy fans RAEGing over its delays. This game will give me an excuse to dust off my Wii. And for some reason, I’m looking forward to this more than FFXIII, just because the main character seems to be an ass who does whatever the hell he wants (like flinging random people around with his H4xorrz gravity powahs), and isn’t all EMO EMO ANGST like recent FF protagonists have been. Also, swimsuits. Mmmmmm…swimsuits.

FFXII has a release date of sometime in the middle of next year (too lazy to recheck). FFCC: The Crystal Bearers is set to be released December 26, 2009.



  1. I’ll admit, I am excited about FFXIII. I just have to pretend I am not because due to their recent history, I should just assume FF is going to disappoint me again.

    Does you find it funny that the TRAILER is 7 freaking minutes long? Trailers are usually like 2-3 minutes long. If that. Maybe an indication of a long epic plot-driven tale? Maybe? Hopefully?

    • I really hope this has more plot than FFXII, and that there near to no politics at all. Because Final Fantasy should have more…well, fantasy.
      And I the trailer is long because it took forever to develop the game I guess. Or maybe Squeenix is trying to troll us. iunno.

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