Ninensei Chronicle – Week 1

August 29, 2009


Lol clever Nipponese title.

For those of you who don’t know, Ninensei means “Second-year.” It’s appropriate because I’m in me second year in high school. And if I go by this logic, then I won’t have a clever Nipponese title for my fourth year, since Japanese schools usually only have three years per class, not four. Or maybe they do have a word for fourth-years, and I’m just don’t know it. If somebody wants to go research…go ahead.

Anyways, this will be my thoughts and crap about my school life. Most of you don’t care (it seems I type that everytime I write about my life) but I’ll be ranting about stuff anyways. Okay, rant time GO.

My school is confusing. Really confusing. I got last at least three times my first two days of school. The halls are arranged in ABCD order. As in rooms B105, C204, M101, etc. There are also two floors, and the stairways can be as cramped as hell. It’s like this outdoor/indoor hybrid school with outdoor hallways that have a ceiling and a giant courtyard in the center of the school with this bigass clock. It…looks good from an aesthetic point of view, but it’s so confusing for a new student.

Eh, but I’m used to it already. I can get around fine now due to the power of COMMON SENSE.

Moving on, my classes are AP Human Geog, Spanish 2, Pre-AICE Chem, Pre-AICE Phys, Precalculus, Computer Applications 1, and Pre-AICE English Lit. AP Human Geog. is a class with a bunch of freshmen, not that hard (so far). Spahish 2 is full of uncaring bastards, as usual. My teacher for Pre-AICE Chem is freakishly tall. Pre-AICE Phys has a seemingly cool teacher. Precalc’s teacher sounds bored 99 percent of the time. Computer Apps is Computer Apps. Pre-AICE English is okay. For the most part…we didn’t get much done this week. The bulk of the work will start next week probably. Iunno.

It’s a weird schedule too. One day is periods 1, 2, 3, and 7. The next is 4, 5, 6, and 7. So period 7 is a short class.

Now for the ranting part.

There are a lot of annoying people here. And by annoying, I mean people who get on my nerves because they won’t shut up annoying. Actually that’s just one person. Who’s in like three of my classes. It’s like she has autism or something, she can’t tell when people want her to shut up.

There’s also a lot of diva’s here. Girls who spend copius amounts of money on useless crap like makeup and designer purses. And they text in class. I can tell they’ll get far in life. /sarcasm

So most of the people are loud and obnoxious. I like quiet people. Which…is probably why I haven’t found anyone likeable yet. Because they’re too quiet to notice or something.

Going past the crappy student body of my school, the library’s pretty nice. They have a good amount of books, and a small amount of manga. The only problem with the manga is that most of it is LOLNARUTARD and LOLBLECH and obligitoryDNAngel. But on the bright side they have D. Gray-Man and some Rurouni Kenshin. They need more .hack// though.

Strangely enough…the anime club holds its meetings in the library. Turns out one of the librarians is the advisor.

And while we’re on the subject of clubs…

Last Friday was club day. I joined the Anime Club (obviously), Student Council (I will be like Hinagiku), Chess Club (TURNIN THE CHESSBOARD OVER), and Ping-pong Club (for teh lulz). My school’s anime club is ALREADY more organized then my last schools seeing how here we had to sign our names on a sheet of paper. That means the club has the names of all its members. Something Olympian’s club failed to do.

Also the guys at the Chess club and Ping-pong club tables were oddly hardcoar. Joining them won’t lead to GAR-type games, will it? I can already imagine the over-exaggerated chess games…kinda like Saki. >_>

So…that’s about all I have to say about my first week. The people I’m exposed to suck and make me think strange philisophocal thoughts about life and crap. I guess people I hate give me creative energy? Weird. Maybe I’ll meet some ronery otaku peoples in Anime club on Monday…who knows.

And I saw a girl dressed in Gothic Lolita. She had the frilly black dress and the white ribbon in her hair as well. I wonder if she knew about Gothic Lolita or just coincidentally dressed up in it. I will never know, since I only saw her from the bus window.

By the end of the year I will be a ronery hikikomori pretending that fictional animu girls are real and giving them cake. I’ll be sitting in front of the computer screen and talking to them and editing voice clips to make it look like they’re talking to me back…oh Ada-chan, you won’t leave me…right?

I shall now end this post abruptly.

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