Umineko Anime OP Single – Katayoku no Tori

August 20, 2009

SeaKitties OP cover 2

The uber-awesomely epic single by Akiko Shikata has been released.

Alternate cover:

SeaKitties OP cover 1

Katayoku no Tori (Lit. One-Winged Eagle) is the opening for the anime version of Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Akiko Shikata’s second single.

I love this album. I’ve been listening to it on a loop for the past hour or two. The chorus is awesome and Shikata does all the vocals herself. It’s the most epic opening this season IMHO.

The B track VII is awesome as well. It starts off all slow and soft then BAM, it becomes epic. If I had to compare Shikata’s style I’d compare her to Yuki Kaijura (Tsubasa Chronicle, .hack//Roots), Yatsunori Mitsuda (Chrono Cross, Luminous Arc), Nobuo Uematsu (his work with FF9 anyway), and strangely enough Ali Project. Take the best of all of them and you’ve got Akiko Shikata.

Bottom line, Akiko Shikata is the goddess of vocals and VII could be made into a pretty damn awesome AMV/MAD.


1. Katayoku no Tori
2. VII
3. Katayoku no Tori [Instrumental]
4. VII [Instrumental]


And as for episode 8 of Umineko…they f***ing censored it! I WANT MY CANDY DRIPPING OUT OF PEOPLE’S CARVED OUT STOMACHS DAMN IT!

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