Random post about stuff you don’t care about

August 11, 2009


Completely irrelevant to those of you who don’t give a damn, and to you internet people as well. I’m just sitting here and decided to reflect on stuff. So yeah. The only people who might care are the people I know personally. Or something.So I moved here to San Diego not giving a damn about anything and drowning in my immature adolescent self-pity. Otherwise, EMO EMO EMO PINGAS EMO-*shot*

I knew that I was only gonna be here for a year or two (which ended up being only two years) so I pretty much didn’t care about making friends. So for about most of the school year I holed myself up in the library reading books. People in classes were just that, people in classes. What do I have to care about them? Sure, I talked to them, but it was only to pass the time. I could care less about them. They could die the next day and I’ll only pretend to care. Because I was emo like that. Yeah. And this was also before I became a Nipponese otaku type person.

So blah blah blah library books reading TUNA etc. Then I met a person. It was more of a coincidental meeting, I was returning some markers to someone and I bumped into that person (more like grabbed but…whatever) and we became friends. Or something. I just thought she was cute. Or something. I ended up becoming friends with her friends, and stuff.

So blah blah blah friendship talking generic change story OH MY GOD SAY GIRL’S STYLE generic crappy love story endless recursion of time etc. Then I went to high school and left those people behind and I was disappoint. But I got over it, mostly because I was to lazy to actually go outside and meet them. And at this time I was a hikikomori/otaku type person. And in high school I was determined to shut myself in a library and read until my eyes bleed. Or something. But then I got dragged to a certain tree.

So blah blah blah Communist wannabe Kami paradox irony BUUUUURN MYYYY DREEAAAAAAAAAD DJ Max Touhou fanatic 9-lover pathetic animoo club etc. Then summer came along and I had to ditch everyone for Florida. Or something.

And also sometime during freshman year I experienced my first rejection. You’d think watching Key/KyoAni anime would’ve taught me something about romance. It sucks and ends in flames. Unless you can time travel. I’m looking at you Clannad. F**king time travel. What a cop out. Oh well, experiences of youth and stuff. *shrugs*

I really don’t know what I’m trying to say. Probably I knew I was leaving the whole time and didn’t really give a damn about anybody in , and to those people who I did give a damn about, I could talk to them on teh interwebs, so no loss there.

Eh, I guess I mean to say I came to San Diego as a selfish emo bastard who didn’t want to care about anyone, and I left San Diego as a selfish cynical hikikomori otaku bastard who likes to throw others into despair for the lulz. So…essentially I ended up becoming an even worse person than I was before. But I’m more social now. I guess. If you count occasionally degrading my friends with twisted logic and anime references. But people enjoy my cynicism for some reason. I think they must be crazy or something. Iunno.

If I was an anime character, I’d be Itoshiki Nozomu, constantly contemplating suicide and putting others in despair. Zetsubou shita. Anyways, I hate all of you for no apparent reason. Maybe because I’m typing this in Texas and it’s 100+ degrees here. Or maybe because I’ll be shut up in a car for 10 hours tomorrow. Well…I get to see the Holocaust Museum Space Center on Thrusday. And for some trivia, Houston is the fourth biggest city in the United States.

Erm…to close off, I’ll just say some stuff about school. School for me won’t start until the end of the month, and I’ll probably be going to M******n High School when I get to Florida, because I’m too lazy to go to St***on or P**on Preperatory. I’ll have a summer reading assignment I need to complete, and my classes will be Pre-AICE Literature, AP Human Geography, Spanish 2(?), Pre-AICE Chemistry, Pre-AICE Physics, AP Calculus(?), Computer Applications, and Drivers Ed. Spanish and Calculus are tentative because I need to talk to my counselor about if taking Latin is a good idea or not and there’s a chance they won’t let me take Calculus and throw me in Pre-Calculus instead. And for the record, AICE is about equivelant to IB which is more rigorus/harder than AP. Meaning AICE>Pre-AICE>AP. Meaning to those of you complaining about a single AP class, I have it a helluva lot worse. And I’m taking two sciences. Yeah.

Kyon-kun, denwa~



  1. > DJ Max Touhou fanatic 9-lover

    Damn straight. Cirno is the strongest. Never forget that.

    It’s nice to read about your life before becoming an otaku. And you’re in Texas so far? That’s pretty cool. I really wanted to see you off, but, whatever, it’s too late now.

    And now, you’ve left us without a lunch and/or iced tea to mooch off of, without a fellow Touhoutard, without a shadow of an overachiever. And now I can’t stop listening to Alice → Dere since you’ve been gone. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

    Hope you can find a replacement for a communist figurehead and a ⑨ at M******n High. You know how hard it is to find a replacement for a tall hikikomori/otaku/Touhoutard who luffs Patchouli and/or Amane? Yeah, PRETTY FRICKIN’ HARD.

    So, yeah, that’s all I have to say. Take care.


    >So blah blah blah Communist wannabe Kami paradox irony BUUUUURN MYYYY DREEAAAAAAAAAD

    Requires more unnecessary adjectives.


  3. The only things I&1#827;ll usually eat raw onions in are potato salad and pico de gallo. Though a few slivers of red onion is great on a sandwich, too. But I feel they are an essential flavor staple in cooking.

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