Moving and stuff

August 2, 2009

a0ea414757c79a503d4959f45a623f3eImma packing meh stuff and goin’ away.As people may already know, I’ll be moving to Florida soon. I guess this post is here to give information? iunno.

Here’s what’s happening. Today, we’re getting everything ready to get packed. Then tomorrow, people will come and put our stuff in a twuck truck to move to Florida. Then we’ll have no stuff and will have to sleep on the floor air beds for a week. Then next weekend, I’m going to my Uncle’s house and will be back on Sunday. Then on the Monday after that Sunday we’ll be starting a week-long cross country trip. But because we pack out stuff early, then starting tomorrow my computer time will be a lot more limited, considering there are two laptops and four of us, not to mention my brother’s a total prick when it comes to his laptop. So yeah.

Anyways, if you don’t see me on the interwebs for a few weeks, it’s because I’m in the process of moving. Not to mention it’s a completely different timezone and all…

I’m in despair. A whole week of nothing much to do has left me in despair. *goes off to steal a computer*

In other news, the preview for Umineko Motion Graphic Vol. 5 is out. Yet EP5 isn’t even out yet. Wtf? Is Ryukishi letting them have early access to EP5? Eh, it’s awesome anyway, more badass Rosa.



  1. nou.
    Stay in this crappy city with this crappy school in our crappy group with crappy discussion every crappy day.

  2. I know, I know… Slowpoke.jpg.

    Don’t leave us. You were an integral part of this thrown together mess of a trio. Maybe. Not quite sure.

    But seriously, have fun where it’s hot and humid all the time! 8D

  3. Have fun changing time zones…
    Sorry you have to move, but, Florida isn’t so bad!
    Seeing as how nearly all of my friends vacation there in the winter…

    Dx I just realised how late this is…

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