Kodomo no Jikan – Ch. 51

July 28, 2009

Kodomo no Jikan 00

Kokonoe ate Aoki-sensei’s meat the other night.

Along with Reiji they all enjoyed a sukiyaki dinner. What did you think I was talking about?

Anyways, monthly lolicon drama manga Kodomo no Jikan chapter 51 was released by SaHa a few days back. It appears that the drama is taking a backseat for the happier comedy aspects of the story (as seen from the excerpt above). It also had a colored swimsuit page.

Kodomo no Jikan 01

See, loli swimsuits. And an iPod for good measure. The reason why I’m not using it as the header image is because that joke was too good to pass up. I’ll satisfy your lust (read: hunger for meat (read: sukiyaki)) Kokonoe-chaaaan ~<3

Plotwise, it looks like Aoki is fufilling Kokonoe’s request and is trying to “heal” Reiji by attempting to get on his good side. Hopefully this will make Reiji forget his dreams about making Kokonoe a replacement for his dead lover (who’s also Kokonoe’s mom btw). Because if he doesn’t, shit’s going down ’cause Kokonoe is MY waifu. *ahem* For the most part, it was a good chapter.

What I’m mad about, however, is that they didn’t solve the unresolved plotline from last month’s chapter. Namely Reiji taking Mimi to the bathroom because blood was trickling down her leg. What we got instead was something that made me want to know what happened. Namely, this:

Kodomo no Jikan 03

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. So what is it Reiji? Are you a perverted lolicon rapist, or an adult concerned for little girl? Which is it, huh, HUH?! Well…I’ll have to wait at least another month to find out…

And in other news, if polygamy was allowed, Mimi would be my second waifu. Kagami’s too tsundere for me, so she’s out of the running. And of course, I can’t forget about Ada and Cal and Patchouli and-*shot*


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