“Twilight” to get Manhwa

July 15, 2009


No pictures this time, because I can’t be bothered to find RAAAAAAEG pics.

It turns out Yen Press is liscensing a Twilight manga manhwa that’s drawn by some Korean guy.

Yes. Twilight. As in sparkly vampire Twilight.


Read the article here.

After getting over my RAEG, this is actually a good thing. Yen Press will make a crap load of money with this, knowing all of the fangirls that will buy a kajillion copies of it. That means Yen Press will be able to get more manga out. Which might mean that they’ll get more volumes of Higurashi out quicker. This is actually a good financial move for them.

But still, I RAEG.



  1. Umm… wat.

    That IS enough to get someone like you RAEG. Hell, I think even Remilia would shake her head in shame if she heard about this.

    Although I do admittedly agree that it’s a good move for Yen Press to cash in on what is considered current American mainstream.

    Oh well, nothing to do now but to sit back and watch what happens.

  2. xD
    Oh my god, I heard about this, and instantly thought about the millions of others raging.
    For me, it was like,
    “Wait, whut?
    Okay, enough rage
    this is funny as hell~

    This was like, MADE for you…

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