Touhou PVs: Visionary Requiem/Double Scarlet/Grip & Breakdown

July 11, 2009

I give you videos that are themed around the Scarlet Sisters.

(Note: This one must be watched in fullscreen for full epicness.)

While these videos are somewhat old, I still feel like posting them.

Visionary Requiem is epic and awesome. The music is apparently from the Vampire Knight ED. But what intrigues me more is at 0:51. Pandora Hearts anyone?

Double Scarlet makes the Scarlet Sisters moe. The song is by Megurine Luka (teh Vocaloid). I like this video. It’s nice.

Grip & Breakdown is a song by Sound Holic that features more bad Engrish. But I like the song. The video however…it’s pretty meh. And it made me lose the game. ;_;

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