Onani Master Kurosawa

July 11, 2009

Fap Note 1 Just according to keikaku! (Note: Keikaku means plan)

What starts off looking like a Death Note spoof is actually something much more.

Onani Master Kurosawa is a realistic slice-of-life psychological drama doujinshi which gets incredibly hilarious when parodying other anime. Like Death Note.

Fap Note 2The god of the new world.

And Code Geass.

Fap Note 3Rerouch V. Brittainia commands you.

And Haruhi.

Fap Note 4Afro Haruhi. Complete with the Kyon facepalm.

However, above all, this is a Death Note spoof. Especially in the early chapters where the mangaka over-exaggerates things with Light-esque facial expressions. And over-complicated plans.

But what sets apart Onani Master Kurosawa is that Kurosawa doesn’t deliver punishment through a notebook dropped by a shinigami. In fact, what sets this manga apart is shown in the title which scares people away!

Here’s a Japanese lesson for you. Onani=Masturbation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this, is Fap Note.

Fap Note 5Does this remind anyone of a certain potato chip eating scene?

Kurosawa is a third year in junior high, and every day he sneaks off to the unused girl’s bathroom to carry out his daily routine. Which is, to put simply, fapping.

Now while this premise is totally the set up for some lousy half-assed hentai doujinshi, Fap Note Onani Master Kurosawa is a surprisingly realistic and well thought out story. Once you get past the whole Death Note with fapping, you start to gain interest in the characters and their conflicts.

Kurosawa is, simply stated, an introverted loser. His life revolves around his daily routine. the only reason we might care about him is because of the artists way of drawing Kurosawa in an incredibly dramatic way. Think of it this way, we care about a guy who faps as much as we care about a guy who writes in a notebook. Actually, more. Because Kurosawa isn’t as much as a bastard as Light was.

Anyways, Fap Note Onani Master Kurosawa is a manga that is worth reading. If not for the plot, it’s worth reading simply for the exaggerated facial expressions.

In conclusion, Fap Note > Death Note.

At the moment, only 17 chapters have been released. And chapter 17 has such a cliffhanger, that it has left me RAAAAAAEEEEEGing.

But you should read it anyways, even if it’ll leave you in RAEG. Because it’ll be all according to keikaku.


One comment

  1. WAHAHAHAHAHA. This seems like a hilarious read.

    Seriously, how do you find these gems?

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