Mysterious Girlfriend X – Chapter 36

July 10, 2009

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Urabe ditches the Tsun-Tsun and goes Dere-Dere~<3

A new chapter of Mysterious Girlfriend X is out, entitled Mysterious Delusion 2. In the new chapter, Urabe takes Tsubaki to her apartment after grazing his forehead with her panty scissors. She then finds out that her usually infallible aim has deteriorated by cutting up a picture frame and the curtain behind it. While Urabe was searching for the first aid, Tsubaki notices that Urabe’s pillow is wet.

When Tsubaki asked Urabe about why her aim was off today, Urabe responds by saying that it might have something to do with her dream the night before. Tsubaki asks what that dream was, and in response Urabe makes him taaste her drool. After taking her drool, he starts to imgine seeing her naked again, and trys to leave before he loses control of himself. Urabe tries to stop him and Tsubaki pushes her down onto her bed to stop her from stopping him. He then goes to apologize, but still disoriented over his delusions he trips over the first aid kit and almost lands on Urabe. But remembering what Urabe said about Tsubaki not hugging her without her permission, Tsubaki changes the direction of his fall and hits his head on the bedpost.

Urabe then goes all Dere-Dere and hugs him saying that if Tsubaki not hugging Urabe results in him getting hurt, it’s okay for him to hug her. She then bandages his head up and sends him home.

After Tsubaki left, Urabe finds out that her aim has returned to normal. It appears that hugging Tsubaki made her aim steadier. She then lies down on her bed, and after sensing the smell of her wet pillow, she is reminded of the dream she had the night before. The chapter ends as she comments on how she’s just as perverted as Tsubaki is.

I think that’s the end of the Mysterious Delusion arc. What really sucks is that Mysterious Girlfriend X will be taking a break next month. I do not like breaks in my monthly series.

Anyways, I assert my theory that Urabe is an alien after reading this chapter. She is an alien. Maybe.


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  1. dude why would she be an alien lol

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