Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – 01

July 9, 2009


Apple plucking beam!

Zetsubou Sensei makes his despair filled return! The opening was posted in a previous post so I won’t talk about it too much here. But Ringo Mogrie Beam means Apple Plucking Beam. Anyways, the comedy in this episode is extremely good, because it makes fun of real life in an incredibly exaggerated and over the top way. So everyone should watch this.


The episode starts off with Itoshiki-sensei explaining how good luck charms and superstition can lead to despair, as people start relying too much on them and start to have things changed and altered because of that. Like drawing an unlucky exam slip leads to a person becoming discouraged and giving up on their exam. Or changing the name of something just because it’s unlucky. Or maybe locking someone up in a high security prison because his name reads “Despair” making it unlucky for students taking exams if he was in school. Something like that. And Stalker girl followed him there. Because her love is that deep.


Anyways, Zetsubou-sensei’s students come to break him out of prison, and busts through the crowd of security guards to do it. Using shovels, books, and other stuff to bloodily beat the guards to a pulp.


And after they bloodily beat up the guards, they tell us to stop the violence. What great students they are.

Meanwhile, the guy who nobody notices (I forgot his name because I don’t notice him) unlocks the door to Itoshiki’s cell, and Itoshiki and Stalker girl escape (even though Itoshiki was fine with staying in the cell). Kafuka (Miss Super Positive) then explains to the people that locked Itoshiki up that Zetsubou-sensei isn’t bad luck, he’s really good luck! Because of him, the success rate of students is 100%. Why? Because Zetsubou-sensei has no punchline.

So in the end, Itoshiki became a good luck charm. Mr. Despair is good luck.


The second part of the episode is about spring and how we know that it feels like it. Cherry Blossoms make it feel like spring. And so does businesses going out of business, information about hopeless professional sport players, tricking people into signing expansive hard-to-get-out-of contracts, and girls dating a lot of guys only to text them a pre-written slightly edited message letting them know their breaking up.

But luckily, Chiru lets us know the true meaning of spring.



PAPIPO! FRYINGU SAUSAH! And that is the true meaning of spring.


The third part of the episode is about how in summer, people go on journeys of self-discovery. Nami is one of those people. How normal.

But Itoshiki explains that journeys of self-discovery are really journeys of self-exposure! While people are out looking for themselves, when they reach their destination they expose the worst parts of themselves. Like a celebrityplaying with impovershed little kids and thinking “Do I look good for the camera?” Or a Narita divorce. Stuff like that.

And when Nami gets on the bus full of people on journeys of self-discovery/self-exposure, Itoshiki’s sister (who happens to be the bus driver) invites Itoshiki to join them. Because  watching other people expose themselves might be fun. Maybe.

Then it says “To Be Continued.” But because it’s Shaft and Zetsubou Sensei, I’m not expecting them to really continue.




I’m in despair.

And this part is worth mentioning.



It’s the Zetsubou-sensei Drawing Song Part 3.

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