K-ON! Ch. 28-35, Hayate the Combat Butler Ch. 144

July 9, 2009

K-ON 01

More Mio abuse and the stressing of Mugi’s sexuality.

The new chapters of K-ON! let us know that more exists after the anime is over. All of this new content strengthens the possibility of a second season being made in the future, but knowing KyoAni, that second season isn’t happening anytime soon.

In the new chapters, we get more of the same. Not that that’s a bad thing. Mugi’s rich, Sawako-sensei’s a freak, Mio and Azu-nyan are moe, Yui’s an airhead. Still, it doesn’t get boring. New things are that the girls (excluding Azu-nyan) are in their third and final year of school, Mio was stalked by the Student Council President, Nodoka’s the new president, Ritsu and Yui are undecided about college, Mugi’s going to an all-girl university *cough*, etc. etc.

AND YUI LEFT GITAH AT SCHOOL! *shock* And Mio started calling her base Elizabeth.

About the other part of the blog title, FoOlRulez has released chapter 144 of Hayate.  The jokes are funny as usual (the most notable being Hinagiku singing the Dango song from Clannad) but the progression of the semi-existant plot is moving! Hina gets on a Ferris Wheel with Hamster Nishizawa and resolves to tell her that she too loves Hayate! But the chapter ended before she said anything so…damn cliffhangers.

And Hayate has a flashback to the mysterious A-tan. Hmm…*waits for new chapter of Hayate*

Hayate>K-ON! That is all.


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