Bakemonogatari – 01

July 8, 2009


This must be an ecchi anime about pantsu!


Eh, nevermind.

Bakemonogatari (Bakemono meaning Monster and Monogatari meaning Story, litterally making it Monstories) is an anime produced by SHAFT and Shinbo. It’s adapted from a series of light novels of the same name written by NisiOisin.


The episode starts off (after the pantsu) with a girl falling in the school spiral stairway (schools have spiral stairways?) and being caught by the main character(?) Araragi Koyomi. As he catches her, he finds out that she is weightless. Later on, he asks his classmate Hanekawa Tsubasa about her. The girl’s name is Senjougahara Hitagi.


After Araragi leaves the room, Senjougahara runs up to him and sticks a pocketknife in his mouth. Because she didn’t want to make him feel off balance, she also sticks a stapler in there for good measure. She then proceeds to threaten him not to tell anybody about her weightlessness. After Araragi promises not to reveal her secret, Senjougahara staples him anyway.


After pulling the staple out of his mouth, he chases Senjougahara down the stairs. Senjougahara takes this as a challange and pulls out her writing utensils from out of nowhere to fight him (she’s like Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend X) . Araragi tells her that he can help with her condition, and proves that he can help by showing her that the staple wound he recieved earlier has been healed. It turns out Araragi used to be a vampire, and a man named Oshino Meme turned him back into a human.


The two go to see Oshino. Along with Oshino, a little girl named Shinbou lives with him, but according to Agaragi, she’s of no importance. Oshino then explains that Senjougahara had her weight stolen from her by the omoshikani (literally “weight crab”) who may have been the omoshikami (lit. “weight god”). Oshino then agrees to help her, and the episode ends.Bakemonogatari-01-06

Because this was based on a light novel, this episode was mostly dialogue. Because this is NisiOisin, this anime has a lot of wordplay and strange names. Bakemonogatari was one of the anime I was most looking forward to this season, because I’m a fan of NisiOisin’s novels, which include Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, xxxHOLiC: AnotherHOLiC: Landolt-Ring Aerosol, and the Zaregoto series. From the opening, I could see that this anime might/will have bloody gory action scenes later on, and from NisiOisin’s novels, I know that when he writes gore, he goes all out.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.


  1. I like this series alot as well. Hooray for pantsu shot? Haha..

  2. I like this story very much, i hope this story never has an ending…hehe

  3. Yes! Bakemonogatari is definitely my favorite this season. And Senjougahara is my favorite female character of all time probably :)

    • Hej! Hur ska man tänka om detta bröd när vikten gÃ¥r TRÖGT?? Kan manga en sÃ¥n räkmacka till lunch? Jag undrar ocksÃ¥ om det brödet skulle funka till smÃ.¥gÃrstÃ¥rta¶. Jag tror nästan det. Kram Anette

  4. hooo bakemonotari is cooll

  5. vivo en venezuela busco ha alguien que me coja y me de placer en la victoria

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