Obligitory First Post

July 7, 2009


For reasons that I myself do not know, I started a blog. The reason for this is…well, because. It’s best not to ask too many questions.

Something you can ask is what you might expect. Well, let me give you some background info about me. I’m a person with internet access.

…That’s still not enough? Fine.

I like anime and games and manga and lolis and etc. and etc. and stuff. Just your average everyday internet otaku.

Now here’s what you can expect from my little corner of the internet referred to as a “blog.” Absolutely nothing. In my experience, it’s best not to expect anything, as the higher your expectancies, the greater the disappointments. Which explains why the average human tends to be disappointed many times in their life. *cough*

By the off chance I do post, here’s a range of topics I might post about. I might blog an anime, write a music review, do something original, provide links to “buy” certain things, or rant about something you don’t care about. But most likely I’ll do nothing.

However, if I do write something, I’ll be trying my best to be entertaining. Because my annoying writer’s instincts won’t permit me to be boring. Unless I want to be boring on purpose. But I wouldn’t, because as far as I know, boring people never get that far in life.

…But it’s not like a really know that much. So what I say usually holds little to no credibility. So…um…snapekillsdumbledorekthnxbai.


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